The warnings of the Germans in view of the round of 16 of the Champions League: also avoid scarves and flags. Regional councilor Venanzoni: “Sad words, enjoy our hospitality”

    Eintracht Frankfurt has advised its supporters not to go around Naples with scarves, shirts or flags and even to take a hotel room alone for the return match of the Champions League round of 16 on 15 March. To launch the message, the German club used its official website and motivated it with “reports” of attacks made on other foreign fans already hosted in the Campania capital. The warning is contained in the instructions for purchasing tickets in the away sector, on sale for 66 euros. The request for coupons will exceed availability and the Bundesliga club has warned that it will give priority to members of the organized fan base.


    Although there have been instances of assaults and stabbings by Liverpool and Ajax fans in group stage matches in Naples this season, Eintracht’s warning has sparked some controversy, especially over its advice to avoid hotels. “We feel like responding to the sad words of the press release, simply by inviting all Eintracht Frankfurt fans to live serenely this moment of great football and to enjoy the welcome that our city is reserving for the millions of tourists who visit it every day”. the invitation launched by the regional councilor of Campania, Diego Venanzoni who added: “We also urge them to wear the colors of their team, without fear, in a city which, as Pino Daniele sings, is already of a thousand colors”.