Long interview that the midfielder Radja Nainggolan has released a Cagliari live on Small radio. Where a note on the Cagliarias stated above one hundred and thirty one.com: “I always follow Cagliari’s matches, now that I also have time. Rog and Nandez have done very well with me but something seems to be missing this year. You can see that the line-up changes often, it’s the coach’s philosophy that is also something nice, but if the results don’t come it’s easier to bet on a typical eleven and then change later to make room for everyone. Liverani has always spoken highly of me and I don’t think it’s just the coach who is the cause of the results. Then it’s the one who pays always the coach maybe. For me, the squad is strong to be able to recover. If you win four games in a row in Serie B, you’re back in the top, between first and tenth place the gap is not so wide that it cannot be recovered”. He continues: “I’ve always had an excellent relationship with President Giulini. He’s always been loyal to me except in the last year. Sometimes I think things can be resolved. I’ve come back twice, giving up so much and I think I’ve given a lot. If one day there is talk of a return, an agreement must be found in which we will all agree. I do not exclude anything, this land has given me so much and the problem with the president is something that can be solved. The category? I have told close friends that in my opinion he should have taken me to avoid relegation. My first choice was to stay in Cagliari, but then I ended up in Antwerp. I don’t want to be presumptuous but with me Cagliari could have saved themselves. President Giulini is a very good person but I felt disappointed that he was as enthusiastic as me, but then I felt teased because he was convinced that I would stay regardless. There I was disappointed, but it’s my problem. problems can be solved. Getting back on the same wavelength is possible.”