Musk, who offered $44 billion for the social media company this spring, has been trying to get out of the deal since July. Twitter would have too few real people among its users and too many bots, the multibillionaire previously stated.

    A statement from a whistleblower, who made a statement in the US Senate on Tuesday about the platform’s security flaws and other privacy issues, was added to court documents by the legal team of the world’s richest man on Thursday. “These revelations make it unequivocally clear that Musk has – for a number of reasons – a full right to walk away from the acquisition,” his lawyers write.

    Twitter is trying to force Musk through the courts to continue the takeover. Earlier this week, shareholders of the company voted in favor of a takeover by Musk. The offer that Musk made earlier is $ 54.20 (EUR 54.25, ed.) per share. Twitter’s price is now moving around $42 (EUR 42.04, ed.) per share.

    The lawsuit between Musk and Twitter is scheduled for October.