Yvon K. from Tilburg, who is suspected of having murdered supermarket owner Chris Grinwis from Halsteren, remains incarcerated even longer. The Breda court decided this on Thursday morning. In addition to the suspicion of murder, the woman is now also suspected of laundering more than two tons of cash that was found in a safe.

    The Tilburg woman, who celebrates her 63-year birthday on Friday, has been detained on suspicion of murder since October. In recent months she was examined by the Pieter Baan Center, but they declared her fully responsible.

    The Public Prosecutor suspects her of money laundering because it is not clear where all the cash from the safe comes from. According to lawyer Vroegh, the origin of a large part of the money is very clear. Yvon K. withdrew a monthly amount from her account to put it in the safe. “It can be seen on her account statements that this happened at least seventy times,” said Vroegh.

    Chris Grinwis
    The victim in this criminal case is supermarket owner Chris Grinwis. Shortly after the death of his wife Mia, he started dating the woman who cared for her before she passed away. That is Yvon K. Just before Chris died in December 2020, his will would have been changed. Yvon K. was designated as sole heir.

    Yvon K. also allegedly tried to persuade another man she had a relationship with to amend his will. He was interrogated about this and, according to the public prosecutor, was able to prove that he had even been in contact with a notary. Ultimately, however, that will was not changed. Yvon K. denies that she had a relationship with the man.

    lucia de b.
    Esther Vroegh, Yvon K.’s lawyer, believes that her client’s case is being looked at with tunnel vision. “The comparison with Lucia de Berk presents itself. This nurse was wrongly convicted of killing patients and babies. It is a modern witch hunt, the lady has to hang.” According to Vroegh, there is a lot of noise, gossip and backbiting.Due to the much media attention, many people have made statements to the police, but she questions the evidence that remains.

    But the judge finds the facts as they are enough reason to leave Yvon K in detention for a while. At least until September 5, because then there will be another pro forma session. It is not yet clear when the substantive treatment will start.


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