Most rain in 24 hours: Eindhoven will have to endure a lot

The heavy rainfall of the past few days has made it soaking wet in some places in Brabant. Eindhoven even takes the crown nationally: last day an average of 26.4 millimeters of rain fell in the vicinity of the city of light. That is more than two buckets of water per square meter.

The area south of Eindhoven in particular had to endure a lot in the last 24 hours, according to the Buienradar precipitation meter. It is also wet in other places in Brabant, but much less than in the southeast of the province. Bergen op Zoom is in second place when it comes to rain per square meter: an average of 10.3 millimeters fell there.

Nationally, it is only wetter in the east, near Enschede and against the German border in Limburg.

Rain stays
For those who are done with the drizzly weather, there is no good news for the time being. “Wednesday evening and Thursday morning it will be dry,” says Roosmarijn Knol of Weerplaza. “The sun is making nice attempts to break a hole in the clouds, but Thursday afternoon it is a repeat of moves. Even then there is a high chance of heavy downpours.”

Weather forecaster Knol also expects showers during the day on Friday: “Then there will be longer dry periods and we will be approaching 20 degrees again. The weekend looks good.”

Canoeing in a tunnel
On Sunday, the period of rainy weather started. In the vicinity of Nuenen, downpours with so much water fell that streets were flooded. Football matches had to be canceled because fields were unplayable. In Nuenen, a bicycle tunnel under the Europalaan was flooded.

The wet weather means that this spring is already in the top ten wettest springs ever recorded. Incidentally, not only was spring wet, this was also the case last fall. Last winter there was a normal amount of precipitation, Weeronline reports.

View the weather forecast from Weerplaza with Roosmarijn Knol.