The renovation of the sports park in Odoorn is more expensive. An additional amount of more than one million euros is needed to realize the current plans. This brings the total costs to almost 3.8 million euros. The city council approved an additional budget tonight. Only GroenLinks voted against.

    The sports park is well taken care of. Four locations for a new sports park were reviewed, but in the end renovation at the current location turned out to be the most ideal option. The accommodation will be the joint accommodation of football club HOVC (just merged with Valther Boys) and tennis club OKKO. The clubs are responsible for 350,000 euros for the renovation.

    According to Borger-Odoorn, a one-off extra 800.00 euros is needed for the construction of the club building and the field and terrain layout. In addition, tackling the access route and improving the traffic situation will cost another 275,000 euros. This concerns the Hammeers and Torenweg. In consultation with the associations and local residents, the speed in various places will be reduced from fifty to thirty kilometers per hour.

    “We think it’s a wonderful, but expensive plan,” says Ramon Kamps of Leefbaar Borger-Odoorn. “Eight tons up, that’s a tear in the pants. We are concerned about construction costs and not just about the sports park. We will keep a close eye on this.” The other council parties are also concerned about the more expensive sports park and especially about a possible new cost increase in the future.

    Opposition parties D66 and Municipal Interests submitted a motion to keep a grip on the costs. This motion was later withdrawn after promises from the college. “The budget right was, remains and remains with the city council. If we see a cost increase coming, we will actively come back to you. We have the explicit intention to realize it for this amount. But we all see how the world is reacting to this. That is the difficult thing these days, it is impossible to give guarantees,” says alderman Ankie Huijing-Van Tongeren.

    The shovel is expected to be in the ground next spring. The renovation will take almost a year.