several tens of immigrants They entered this Friday Melilla after jumping the fence border separating the autonomous city from Morocco.

    As reported by the Government Delegation, the anti-intrusion device of the Civil Guard Command has detected around 6:40 a.m. the approach to the fence of a large group of migrants, made up of more than 400 people.

    Two hours later, at 8:40 a.m., the jump occurred despite the extensive device of the Moroccan forces, “who have collaborated actively and in a coordinated manner with the State security forces and bodies & rdquor ;, according to the Delegation of the Government.

    A large group of sub-Saharan Africans, “perfectly organized and violent”, according to the Delegation, “has broken the access door of the Chinatown border checkpoint and has accessed Melilla jumping through the roof of said control”.

    Members of the National Police Corps are collaborating with the Civil Guard in containing the jump, with the help of a helicopter and a drone.

    The Local Police keeps access to the Chinatown border cut off.

    The Government Delegation has not offered data, for the moment, on how many immigrants have managed to access the city, waiting to expand the information throughout the morning.

    After reaching Melilla, the migrants have gone to the Temporary Stay Center in Melilla (CETI) and some of them have been injuredas Efe has been able to verify.

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    This is the first jump over the fence that has taken place after the new stage in diplomatic relations between Spain and Morocco.

    In recent days, in the vicinity of the border on the Moroccan side, there had already been clashes between migrants trying to approach Melilla and agents from different Moroccan security forces.