More information about Amanda Bynes’s movements naked to her harlots – Samoili on the streets for several days

The former child star, who was found naked on the streets of Los Angeles, was rushed to a psychiatric hospital.

Amanda Bynes’ situation was already thought to be better. PDO

At the beginning of the week, it was reported that former child star and Hairspray actress Amanda Bynes had been rushed to a psychiatric hospital. He was found promiscuously naked on the streets of Los Angeles.

Bynes had asked a passing car to stop and said that she was returning to normal after psychotic symptoms. Presumably, he borrowed the phone of the person driving the car and called 911 himself.

He was initially taken to the emergency room, where patients are kept for 72 hours. However, the situation seems that Bynes will not survive without psychiatric treatment and she will spend a little longer in the hospital.

Additional information has also been received about the harassment of the actor, as it is feared that he will roam the streets for days. His car was left on March 15, almost 65 kilometers from his home and about 40 kilometers from downtown Los Angeles, where he was found on Sunday, March 19.

However, she was seen in Hollywood on Saturday, March 18, and the former child star was still wearing her clothes.

After being admitted to a psychiatric hospital, Bynes has reportedly been doing better. However, his repatriation cannot yet be considered an option for at least a week.

Source: TMZ