The images of the quarrel with the striker after Adana Demispor’s victory went around the world. “These are things that can happen at the end of the match, but that’s the end of it for me”, the coach commented

    The scene that comes from the Turkish championship is surreal. While all the Adana Demispor players celebrate the 1-0 victory with Ümraniyespor and shake hands with the referee, Vincenzo Montella, the coach, furiously approaches Mario Balotelli. He points the finger at his player, they exchange a few shouts. A sentence or a gesture from the attacker causes the coach to overheat even more, forcing his assistants to separate him from the attacker. The images soon travel around the world.

    Montella’s words

    At the base of the dispute there is a lost ball in the last minutes by Balotelli, who by not passing it to his partner risks leading the opposing team to the goal. Danger escaped, but when the referee blows the whistle, the discussion starts. After the game, Montella spoke to the Turkish press, but without revealing more than the images already tell: “I can only say that we expect more from him. Then, these are things that can happen at the end of the match. Maybe the adrenaline rush. it makes people say other things, but for me it ended here “, he commented.


    It is not an easy time for Balotelli, besides the accident on Saturday night. In the match with Ümraniyespor the Italian entered in the 46th minute in place of Artem Dzyuba, the Russian center forward who, as soon as he arrived, seems to have passed him in the hierarchy. Before yesterday’s game, in fact, Super Mario had only played a little over 20 ‘in the championship.