Oona Komi says that she always dreamed of the Miss Finland crown.

    The 2022 Miss Finland finalists were announced in Helsinki on August 4. The top ten includes the reigning Miss Helsinki I am Komi23.

    Komi, who lives in Vantaa, is taking part in the beauty contest for the third time. The Miss Helsinki victory took her directly to the semifinals of the national Miss Finland competition.

    – Now I’m on my way to the biggest dream of all, i.e. Miss Finland’s brightest crown.

    It is important for him to win the competition, because he says that he has always dreamed of the crown. The victory also told him about self-confidence and that with self-confidence you can achieve anything.

    – I want to be able to talk about important themes, such as finding self-confidence and the fact that I can encourage many young people with this.

    Oona is the reigning Miss Helsinki. Rosa Bröijer

    The tour beckons

    Komi adds that he has always considered the beauty pageant a good institution.

    – I have always been of the opinion that they are a wonderful thing. I’ve followed since I was little and looked up to the amazing women who have emerged from the pageants.

    There are many elements of excitement on the way to the brightest crown. One of the biggest is the upcoming final release date.

    – It’s also exciting that I get to go on tour for the first time. Let’s get around Finland and maybe hopefully somewhere abroad to spin.

    This year, the Miss Suomen tour goes to Vanajanlinna, Vuokatti, as well as public screenings in the shopping centers of Pori, Mikkeli and Kouvola. The finalists also get to go on a Viking Line cruise to Stockholm.

    Oona Komi competes for the Miss Finland crown. Rosa Bröijer