Messina’s team starts badly, goes down by 15, then comes back pushed by the American shooter’s baskets. Melli, Hines and Tonut also did well

    Not an easy debut for the new Milan that chases the Final Four in a very competitive tournament. On the field of Asvel Villeurbanne, Olimpia, without Datome, Mitrou-Long and Baldasso, while Shields goes to the 12 only out of necessity, snatches the victory he wanted after a nightmare start and a painful recovery. A triple from Pangos, the natural substitute for Chacho Rodriguez, with 54 ”from the end marks the success. The Slovenian-Canadian playmaker had been the worst player on the pitch up to that point. Hines, Melli and Baron are the best.

    the key

    The team of the Parker brothers (owner Tony, former San Antonio player 4 times Nba champion, and coach TJ) sprints strong and determined, riding the wave of De Colo, the star returned to France after the glories of Cska and Fenerbahce. Asvel plays agile and fast, in an amen it goes up to 13-4 also using the tentacles of the Fall perticone (221 cm). Milan stutters, Pangos does not ensure the direction to put his teammates in rhythm. A crush by the Haitian Pons gives +15 after 7 ‘. Olimpia entrusts the reaction to Voigtmann and Melli. First quarter 23-14 and for Milan it’s already good. In the second period there is a blaze of Tonut and that with Melli organizes the return but no one stops De Colo who does three damage to the defense of coach Messina. Fortunately, on the other side Baron wakes up and churns out 12 very hot points to recover a new shot at +8 by the hosts. At the break still ahead Asvel 44-41 with De Col top scorer at 16 but the game is now balanced. At the start of the second half Milan attacks to overtake with Tonut, the first advantage of the game, at 44-45. Milan insists while Asvel drops badly and does not see the basket, the giant Fall does not hold the ball in his hand. Robbery Hines makes +7. It seems the good draw instead on the third siren is 54-56 with a 2 + 1 Mathews.

    The end

    In the last quarter Pangos continues to make mistakes but he is not the only one. There appears to be a lid over the two baskets, no one scores. The score remains blocked at 60-61 for 3 ‘in a trickle of turnovers and lopsided shots. With 2 ‘from the end there is the counter-overtaking from the line by De Colo, 62-61, who finds his first points of the recovery after the initial show. Milan now drops the aces: triple from Baron, recovery from Melli and triple from Pangos which redeems a negative test with the most important basket. Milan breaks it down in a match that has become ugly and mangy. It is already a good start.

    VILLEURBANNE: De Colo 18, Lighty 12, Fall 11
    MILAN: Baron 18, Melli 16, Hines 8