The Rossoneri’s summer reinforcements are not up to the owners. The Nerazzurri always lack continuity. The owners, managers and technicians will make the balance sheets in June. And the fans will too

    The world break didn’t heal Milan and Inter from their ills. Pioli lacks the contribution of signings, Inzaghi always lacks continuity. Milan doesn’t have any changes, Inter doesn’t have the quid. So, Osimhen is enough for Napoli and the defense for Juve to seem more than they are, transforming, for the moment, a four-man race into a duel.


    Milan still doesn’t have a single newcomer to lend a hand. On the contrary. As soon as they enter the team drops, if they don’t even combine disasters. Like Dest with Napoli, like Sunday Vranckx with Roma. Let’s leave De Ketelaere alone for a moment, because talent can always ignite. Let’s take Pioli’s rose itself. After the Scudetto certainly deserved but equally certainly earned on the macroscopic errors of Inter, Milan had two obvious critical points: a center forward who gave Giroud breathing space and a more reliable goalkeeper than Tatarusanu. Origi arrived to solve the first technical problem, taken in advance by burning a competition that wasn’t there. For the second, Milan relied on luck. Because, as administrators often repeat, the budget is important and the money has been invested to buy something else.


    But Milan is Milan. The seven Champions have been won by other properties, the one that the Rossoneri club is holding today must honor them, not just show them when there is a bit of marketing to be done. The market can be wrong, it’s true. There is no club that always gets everything right. The point is that errors must be corrected, as large companies do. You cannot always ask Pioli for miracles. Many have already succeeded. So many that they pass for average players, or even below average, to be phenomena. But the miracle cannot become the standard way to build a season. Giving up the January transfer market, which often brought fundamental players to Milan, means giving up the idea that the championship is still contestable. That in the Champions League you can even look beyond the round of 16. Isn’t it paradoxical that Milan is clinging to Giroud, like Inter to Dzeko? Two over thirty, great professionals in agreement, but with whom it is difficult to think of doing a long stretch of road.


    In truth, Inter had found the solution: Lukaku. But the center forward seen so far is worth less than half of what Conte brought to European performance peaks. Whose fault? It’s hard to say, it certainly wouldn’t make sense to fight to renew this Lukaku’s loan. There are still several months, many matches, more than one goal. There is the Champions League which Zhang really likes, there are the Italian Cup and the Super Cup, a specialty of Inzaghi, but in the end the championship will issue the sentence. The Champions League can correct your sins in the championship if you at least reach the semifinals: a goal that is not easy to achieve. The final of the Italian Cup and the Super Cup are more within reach: in dry shots, in which Inzaghi has in fact demonstrated great tactical skills. But if Milan is Milan, Inter is also Inter. Finishing very far away, like now, from the championship battle cannot be easily compensated for. Ten points from Napoli are a technical enormity, which cannot be explained, let alone justified, by comparing the squads available to Spalletti and Inzaghi. Of course there is still time to go back. The owners, managers and technicians will make the balance sheets in June. And the fans will too.