After an emergency landing at Barcelona airport, 28 migrants escaped from the plane. The airliner with 228 passengers on board was flying from Casablanca to Istanbul. Spanish air traffic control was informed that there was a medical emergency on board with a pregnant woman about to give birth.

    The plane landed in Barcelona where police and medics boarded. Then the migrants fled the plane and fled. Spanish media reported that the police have now arrested half of them.

    The ‘pregnant’ woman was taken off board and examined. She turned out not to be pregnant at all and was arrested because she would have been part of the plan.

    The plan to enter Spain illegally is not new. A similar incident occurred in Palma de Mallorca at the beginning of November. About twenty illegal migrants managed to get off the plane after an emergency landing for a faked medical emergency involving a ‘sugar patient’. All but four migrants from that plane were traced and arrested in Mallorca.