Meeri Koutaniemi tells about the sad news on social media.

    Meeri Koutaniemi’s father has died. Inka Soveri

    Photographer Meeri Koutaniemi’s father, an architect Seppo Koutaniemi, is dead. He was 72 years old when he died.

    Meeri Koutaniemi talks about her father’s death on her own Instagram account. She posted a touching photo of her parents hugging each other.

    If the image is not visible, you can view it from here.

    Architect Seppo Koutaniemi died of cancer, which was thought to have already been cured.

    – We were able to spend the last few weeks with the family by my father’s side. Hospice care for a loved one waiting to die feels irreplaceably important and at the same time a vacuum for which you cannot prepare. The things you thought you would say in advance start to lose their meaning and all that remains is the need to be present, Meeri writes in her update.

    Meeri Koutaniemi has had a remarkable career as a photographer. PASI LEISMA

    The photographer writes about how his father got along with everyone.

    – Father was a man of principle, strong in his opinions, sometimes stubborn and never conceited. My father always had one handkerchief in his pocket just in case, Meeri describes her father.

    Seppo Koutaniemi designed many well-known buildings and works of art during his career. Kuusamo and Ivalo airports, among others, were designed by Koutaniemi.