Mediator Case | The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the work of ‘Mon’ for the Civil Guard of Tenerife

The Las Palmas Prosecutor’s Office has formulated complaint against the builder lanzaroteño, Ángel Ramón Tejera de León -known as Mon-, for crime against public finances considering that deducted as expenses certain amounts that were not sufficiently justified. It is the result of the investigation initiated by the Public Prosecutor for a series of works carried out in barracks of the Civil Guard in the Peninsula and the Canary Islands between 2013 and 2019. Request for him the penalty of three years in prison and a fine of 488,000 euros, as well as the loss of the right to enjoy tax or Social Security incentives or benefits for a period of four years. The trial will take place on April 12.

The Economic Crimes section of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office formulated an indictment against Tejera de León on January 11 of last yearafter concluding his investigation on the multiple works carried out by his company, Angrasurcor SL, in dependencies of the Armed Institute, not only in the Canary Islands, but also in other Spanish provinces. The builder from Lanzarote is close friend of the major general Francisco Espinosa Navas, the only one of the twelve investigated for the so-called Mediator case who is in provisional prison for crimes of bribery, influence peddling, belonging to an organized group and money laundering.

Despite the fact that his name appears in the summary of the mediator case, the truth is that Tejera de León is not one of the twelve investigated in the plot. This intended that the leaders -the socialist deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes, the former general director of Livestock of the Government of the Canary Islands, Taishet Fuentes, and general Espinosa Navas- obtain illicit benefits in exchange for using their influences to facilitate the interests of the investors involved. This activity was done in a double slope, with the mediation of Marco Antonio Navarro Tacoronte, who gives the case its name. On the one hand, they extorted ranchers from the Canary Islands to remove sanctions or provide them with subsidies. On the other, they charged bribes for helping peninsular businessmen to settle in the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC).

The name of Tejera de León already appeared at the time in a court in Ávila, which opened proceedings based on an anonymous complaint that reached the General Directorate of the Civil Guard in which it warned of alleged irregularities in the contracting of minor works in the command of the Castilian and Leonese province, always benefiting the same builder. A version that was ratified by the then colonel in charge of the Ávila Command, Carlos Alonso Rodríguez, who declared in the instruction that Mon He had been directly recommended by Lieutenant General Pedro Vázquez Jaraba, who is currently retired. The excuse for this suggestion: his company used an innovative waterproofing product, cork, which was cheaper to maintainas sold by the entrepreneur himself.

Fraud of 162,000 euros

According to the Public Ministry, the amount that would have defrauded Mon amounts to 162,000 euros. It is the amount that is required as compensation for civil liability in the legal process against you. The Criminal Court number 1 of Arrecife, chaired by Judge Margarita Gómez Martín, will be in charge of elucidating the possible responsibility of the builder. The signaling is foreseen, strike of lawyers through, for next April 12.

The National Fraud Investigation Office and the Special Delegation of Economy and Finance of Las Palmas also participated in the investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office that gave rise to the complaint for fraud against the Public Treasury.

The Several companies from Tejera de León -Angrasurcor SL, Solocorcho SL and Canarycork- invoiced close to 200 minor works in units of the Civil Guard throughout the country, according to the report of the Judicial Police. Although it was the Command of Santa Cruz de Tenerife that paid the greatest amount of money to the Lanzarote industrialist between 2008 and 2019.

Research in Madrid

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The investigation that began in Ávila went to the Investigating Court number 3 of Madrid to delve into the facts that were being investigated. So, an alleged crime of documentary falsification was detected which is attributed to the rabbit businessman and another industrialist, but also to senior officials of the Benemérita. Among them, the Lieutenant General Pedro Vázquez Jaravawho gave a statement before the judge together with another commander as investigated.

The Public Ministry considers that the builder defrauded up to 162,000 euros for these works

These works in the headquarters of the Armed Institute gave rise to the General Directorate of the Civil Guard intervening the treasury of the Command of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on suspicion that there have been irregularities with payments for minor works and other services, as well as in cash movements. This Internal Affairs movement has been taking place for at least a year, but in recent days, following the information published by the mediator case, has requested more documentation of the accounts of the different units of the Armed Institute in the province to verify if all the reforms in the received barracks have really been carried out and if the current chief colonel, José María Tienda Serrano, favored the awarding of contracts to the Lanzarote builder.