Maxime Meiland is happy with family expansion. So says the reality star in the YouTube series Back to then, presented by Robbert Rodenburg. “I always said four. But Leroy didn’t want that, he thought that too muchso I got rid of that. But I still think a baby would be very nice.”

    With two daughters, 3-year-old Claire and 7-month-old Vivé, 26-year-old Maxime already feels blessed. But a third child is more than welcome, the blonde tells Rodenburg when he asks about her future. “Perhaps we would like a third child, I would really like that”, Maxime begins cautiously, who immediately makes it clear that he wants that in the short term. †As soon as possible† That’s why we want all that wedding now.”

    The fact that Maxime still has some doubts about the family expansion is mainly due to the ‘busy period she is currently in’. But, she eventually weakens her argument: ,,You are also nine months pregnant. So before the baby finally arrives, you’ll have a long way to go. But I would really like that.”

    The reality star always dreamed of four children, but has now put that out of her mind. ,,Leroy didn’t want that. He thought: I really think that too muchso I got rid of that. But still one baby seems very nice. And then the age is also nice together”, she refers to the ages of her daughters.

    Maxime does not have a preference for a boy or girl. “It doesn’t really matter to me.”

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