An interpretation of the Trident super sports car from the Bavarian tuner. Interventions on the V6 and a carbon body kit to give further personality. Price: around 300 thousand euros

    Maurice Bertera

    08 January

    For Trident purists it could be half sacrilege. The MC20 is a supercar with a strong GT soul: it has a balanced set up and is capable of making its driver enjoy himself on the track, as well as making him relax on the roads every day. And its twin-turbo V6, small in size and with technologies patented by Maserati, allows it to keep up with supercars powered by V10 and, perhaps, V12 engines. But we know the tuners, they can’t resist the idea of ​​putting their hand to the masterpieces and so Mansory, one of the most expert, wanted to make something different, however successful.


    Obviously the technicians of the tuner from Brand (a town in Bavaria) started from the engine. For the record, they are not the first to have done so: Novitec and Dmc have already proposed their interpretation. In any case, the 3-litre biturbo V6 sees its power rise from 630 to 720 HP while torque grows from 730 to 850 Nm. The modifications allow the MC20 by Mansory (for those who don’t remember: the acronym stands for Maserati Corse, while the 20 indicates the year the supercar was released) to reach 330 km/h and sprint from standstill to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds, when the standard model “stops”, respectively at 326 km/h and 2.9 seconds.


    The carbon fiber body kit adds a larger rear wing (with the Italian flag embedded in the side plates), which is paired with the new diffuser, with an F1-style brake light integrated into it. The car body becomes more aerodynamic, with redesigned wheel arches and the bonnet that effectively channels air flows. The glance concludes with the new exhaust system with four terminals and Mansory FV.5 10-spoke alloy wheels (21-inch front and 22-inch rear) that reveal the yellow colored brake calipers . A preponderant color also inside where there is no shortage of the Italian tricolor on the seats and on the steering wheel (the latter in leather and carbon fibre) and diamond stitching. The Mansory logo appears on the leather floor mats. The price? Bearing in mind that the basic price of the MC20 is 239,000 euros, less than 300,000 will hardly be enough…