Marriage at first sight 7: fourth episode, previews

dfter the wedding and the departure for the romantic beaches of Egypt, the three couples of Marriage at first sight 7 they continue their social experiment tonight at 21.20 on Real Time. A fourth installment where you will understand how is the honeymoon going, if qsomeone is really falling in love.

Marriage at first sight 7: the previews of the fourth episode

Meanwhile, the honeymoon is not for everyone it is a sweet honeymoon as the brochures tell. They start to emerge character differences and each must find the right way to relate to the partner. In addition, couples must begin to think about imminent cohabitation, at the end of which they will decide whether to stay together or divorce.

And, as we know from past editions, agreement may not be reached easily. Between who does not want to give up their life and who doesn’t want to share their spaces, there is the whole abyss of the compromise.

Gennaro Vergara, one of the three spouses of “Matrimonio a prima vista 7”. (real-time)

Simona and Gennaro, already in crisis

After landing in Marsa Alam, the newlyweds already look like a bored married couple after thirty years of marriage. Towards the condescending waiter, Simona – businesswoman – And full of doubts and intolerance.

And Gennaro, with a sweet and thoughtful nature, soon realizes that he has to change tactics. That Simona needs much more levityand in fact organizes moments of play with your partner in the pool of the splendid resort where they are guests.

Gennaro and Simona on their honeymoon in Marsa Alam. (real-time)

However Simona is increasingly convinced that, temperamentally, Gennaro is not the most suitable person to her. And she now seems entrenched in her position. A surrender that the husband does not seem to want to acceptproposing again a few carefree moments in the crystal clear waters of Egypt.

«I’m an insecure guy and if it hadn’t been for “Marriage at first sight” I would hardly have approached someone like her. But finally I see an improvement”, the boy tells the authors all too optimistic. Without realizing that Simona makes the best of a bad situation.

At the umpteenth failed attempt at a physical approach, Gennaro decides to contact Andrew Favarettoone of the three experts, For try to find the right key to break through the heart of his bride. Will he succeed?

The feeling between Matteo and Irene

Who does it look like? travel at a thousand along the tracks of love is the couple based in Milan. Always careful to make his wife feel desired and protected, Matteo fills her with small attentions and finally, Irene decides to let go even physically. «We are husband and wife to all intents and purposes», the boy proudly declares to the authors.

During an evening in the resort in Sharm el-Sheikh, just three days after the ceremony, the spouses they begin to plan their future together. Irene proposes immediately a trip to Naples to let her husband know her family of origin, while Matteo talks about his painful past of a child abandoned by his father.

Irene and Matteo in the desert of Sharm el-Sheikh. (real-time)

«I’m afraid it’s a bubble that can be broken. When you imagine beautiful things you hope they will come true, so I’m very afraid for this», confides Irene to the authors while the sexologist Nada Loffredi explains that the girl is implementing a classic self-sabotage mechanism.

Matthew, very infatuatedhowever, looks beyond, and confronts his wife to try to understand how they will organize themselves when they return in Milan. He works in smart, and Irene often travels around Italy. Will they be able to find the right balance to make the couple work?

Giulia and Mattia: the tragicomics

The most surreal honeymoon of the program is the one between Mattia and Giulia. The Piedmontese gardener he doesn’t understand how the experts have paired him with a girl who is clearly not attracted to him. But that was just the problem. More serious is the fact that Giulia is really bizarre. During a dinner in the resort, instead of trying to get to know her husband better cares so obsessive if pieces of food are stuck between the teeth.

Then, instead of playing her cards face up, she declares to Mattia that she he never wanted to know about physical contact. Not even with his exes. A statement that leaves Nada Loffredi dumbfoundedcalled to comment on the couple’s honeymoon videos.

The psychologist and sexologist Nada Loffredi. (real-time)

Despite bachata lessons and a breathtaking camel ride in the Egyptian desertGiulia friendzone poor Mattia, unleashing indignant comments here too, this time by Andrew Favaretto.

«Friendship is based on sincerity, but that’s not the case here» declares the expert he is now convinced that the girl is pretending not to bear physical contact in general so as not to tell Mattia that in reality it is he who does not attract her.

After yet another awkward dinner, the feeling is that the future of this couple is now already written. But, given the previous six editions, such an outcome would be a mistake to assume.