JYP is involved in games shown on free channels four times, but HIFK, SaiPa and Sport not once.

    During the fall season, HIFK’s games are not shown on free channels. Matti Raivio / AOP

    • There is a big disparity between the teams in the league games shown on free TV channels.
    • Today, Thursday, you can watch the HPK–JYP match on Sub.

    All SM league matches of the season can be seen through the paid C More. In addition, either MTV3 or Sub usually shows one match for free every week.

    The opening match of the season, in which Tappara beat TPS, had time to come from Sub last week, and today you can watch the match between HPK and JYP on the same channel.

    Sub shows league matches on Thursdays and MTV3 “match of the month” once a month on Saturdays. The exception is Monday 26.12. i.e. Boxing Day.

    JYP fans have the most TV treats in store. Here Braden Christoffer (left) fans the paint. Vesa Pöppönen / AOP

    The matches of free-to-view channels have been published until the turn of the year.

    Attention is drawn to the fact that HIFK, SaiPa and Sport are not seen once in 14 matches. JYP is featured the most, which, in addition to its visit to Hämeenlinnan, will be seen three times as the home team.

    Wide interest

    MTV Sports Manager Markus Autero emphasizes that it is a question of cooperation with the League.

    – Many things affect the outcome, he reminds and mentions CHL and related travel and, for example, the booking situation of HIFK’s home hall.

    HIFK’s absence from Subi’s Thursday evenings is explained by the fact that it will no longer play any matches on Thursdays this year.

    For MTV3 broadcast days, HIFK could have been chosen on two Saturdays, i.e. 22.10. (Pelicans–HIFK) and 5.11. (Aces–HIFK).

    – In matches on the free channel, one essential factor is that we should get the largest possible audience, Autero explains.

    – With such a guideline, we have given the League hopes that there would be as much variance as possible on Thursdays, also taking into account the fact that the teams would basically collect the most views. That is, clubs in large market areas, he continues.

    Without discounting the local importance and interest of SaiPa and Sport, Autero admits that on this basis they have been left out of the free TV games for the time being.

    On the other hand, Helsinki’s only league team was not dwindled, at least not by the size of the market area, nor by the general interest aroused by the club.

    A puzzle

    MTV’s sports manager Markus Autero sheds light on the basis of TV game selections. MTV3

    Instead of HIFK’s visit to Lahti, MTV has chosen as the match of the month the Satakunta Derby Lukko–Ässät, one of the classic matches of the League.

    The next match of the month will be KooKoo–Ilves instead of HIFK’s visit to Porin, which in turn is KooKoo’s only game on free channels.

    – In addition, Ässät would have been in a month’s match twice in a row, Autero reasons.

    Thursday is not one of the League’s main game days. Autero understands Liiga’s problems in realizing all the wishes of the TV company.

    – The construction of the program is quite a puzzle, and now this has only happened by chance. However, it’s great that we’ve got Thursday games in a good spirit, he thanks.


    Autero reminds that different league broadcasts are available this season “more than ever” and as a C More customer you can see all the matches of every team.

    As far as HIFK and Sport are concerned, he is already tearing up the beginning of next year.

    – Both have a game coming out on a free-to-view channel in January.

    As far as SaiPa is concerned, the matter is not yet locked. According to Autero, the aim is to get the people of Lappeenranta to the free-to-air channel as much as possible, because equality is also one of the criteria influencing the selection of games.

    – Absolutely.

    Free tv games

    The league’s fall season match broadcasts on free-to-view channels:

    Tue 13.9. Sub at 18:00 Tappara–TPS 3–1

    Thu 22.9. Sub at 18:00 HPK–JYP

    Thu 29.9. Sub at 18:00 Jukurit–Pelicans

    Sat 8.10. MTV3 at 15:30 Kärpät–Jukurit

    Thu 13.10. Sub at 18:00 KalPa–HPK

    Sat 22.10. MTV3 at 15:30 Lukko–Asses

    Thu 27.10. Sub at 18:00 JYP–Pelicans

    Sat 5.11. MTV3 at 15:30 KooKoo–Ilves

    Thu 17.11. Sub at 18:00 Tappara–Kärpät

    Thu 24.11. Sub at 18:00 Tappara–Lukko

    Thu 1.12. Sub at 18:00 HPK–Ilves

    Thu 8.12. Sub at 18:00 JYP–Kärpät

    Mon 26.12. MTV3 at 15:30 TPS–Ilves

    Thu 29.12. Sub at 18:00 JYP–Ässät

    The free broadcasts of the spring season will be published later.