Market, Zaniolo at Galatasaray is done. The Turks in Italy to close the deal

The negotiation between Roma and the Turks continues quickly: is the player flying to Istanbul today?

Life goes on, and so does football. There’s no easy irony to be made about the earthquake that shook Turkey, but after an initial, obvious slowdown, not even this is slowing down the negotiations that Rome and Galatasaray are carrying out for the transfer of Nicolò Zaniolo. In fact, emissaries of the Turkish club arrived in Milan to speak personally with Claudio Vigorelli, the player’s agent. All this, despite Fenerbahce not giving up and playing upwards. The attacker, however, would have chosen Galatasaray and, faced with not too dissimilar offers, the Trigoria club has promised him that it will facilitate his desire.


In any case, if all goes well, tomorrow a private flight will take Zaniolo and his family to Istanbul from Milan. Having obtained the consent to insert a termination clause worth around thirty million, the terms being worked on envisage that around 22 million would go to Roma (including bonuses) and the player a contract until 2027 worth around 3.6 million. season plus bonuses. Waiting for the end credits to give everyone good news.

on instagram

In the evening, a new social clue arrived that brings Nicoló Zaniolo closer and closer to Galatasaray. Waiting to receive the green light from Rome to pack his bags and fly to Istanbul to start his new adventure, the attacker wanted to send a message of closeness to the country which, in a few hours, could become his new home at least until in June. In fact, after the catastrophic earthquake that brought Turkey to its knees, the attacker published a story on Instagram with a red heart flanked by a Turkish flag. A gesture of solidarity towards the nation which, in a few hours, seems destined to welcome him as the new star of Galatasaray.