In the event of a cerebral infarction, speech can drop out, a corner of the mouth droops or loss of strength in the arm can occur. Mariska had ‘the feeling of a thick tongue’. “I even went to the store when I had symptoms of failure. An infarction is something for old people, I thought,” she writes. She warns against ‘this misunderstanding’. “It can happen to anyone, even if you’re not yet 50.”

    Mariska Bauer was struck by the heart attack in January. A few months later, after intensive rehabilitation, she got the idea that things were ‘going a bit better’ and she knows how to distribute her energy better. “Fortunately I did well. You don’t see anything about me on the outside, but I’ve had to adjust my life.”

    Frans and Mariska can be seen tonight on NPO1 in the Omroep Max program Care about your brain. They tell their story to Martine van Os and Sybrand Niessen.

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