Marco Borsato is very happy that his ex-lover Leontine Ruiters is in love again, says her bestie Anouk Smulders. “She has discussed it with him and everyone is very happy about it.”

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    After the breakdown of her marriage to Marco Borsato, Leontine Ruiters has met a new guy, who very coincidentally is also a multimillionaire: John Huiberts. But what does Marco actually think of this? borsato-bestie Anouk Smulders spoke about it yesterday at the desk of the Shownieuws program.

    Happy for Leontine

    According to Anouk, everyone is very happy for Leontine. “I spoke to her today and she said, ‘I have discussed this with my children, I have spoken with Marco.’ Everyone is – as far as you can speak of happiness – in any case very happy for her. I really liked that she said: ‘It’s very nice to feel happiness again.’”

    Anouk is also very happy for her friend. “It is very early, they are doing fun things together. They had a last weekend blind date had in Antwerp, but have already eaten together several times.”

    Well responded to

    Leontine is really very happy, Anouk notices. “She is enjoying it very much, it is very nice and she is also happy that the children have responded very well to it and also by Marco, but she emphasizes that it is very early and that they try to look back in peace where this is going in the future.”

    Colleague Tooske Ragas: “Nice for them.”

    gold digger

    Many people say that Leontine is a gold digger. Private boss Evert Sankrediets disagrees. “What you are reading now, that she is a gold digger… I don’t believe that at all, but of course she lives in circles where you often run into a millionaire and if it clicks, then I can well imagine that .”

    The magazine maker continues in his podcast Strictly Private: “He has no wooden leg, one arm and a parrot on his shoulder. An Amsterdam expression is: he has not been below line 4. He’s good looking, he’s really nice, he has a house in Ibiza that she loves, he has a boat just like Willem-Alexander.”

    140 million euros

    Those are all fun things, explains Evert. “I can imagine: if it clicks and it’s mutual, then you go for it. There is no gold digger edge. That’s what you get in those circles.”

    Finally: does Evert think Leontine and her new lover will get married? “I would recommend it to her. That man is good for 140 million, so I would say: in community of property and go for it, girl!”

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