Marc-Marie Huijbregts furiously from Tilburg cinema: ‘I don’t need anything here!’

Marc-Marie Huijbregts ran away frantically from the Tilburg cinema Cinecitta, because he could no longer order coffee just before closing time. “I say: ‘Well, then I don’t need ANYTHING here!’”

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The cinemas are open again after a long coronalockdown and Marc-Marie Huijbregts makes good use of that. “Of course everyone was very happy that it was all allowed to open again until 10 p.m., so everyone was like: very nice, it can open again! I also really liked it. So I go to the cinema, I go to the movies and stuff, Licorice Pizza.”

No more coffee

Nice film, according to Marc-Marie. “It started at 7:30 PM and we get out of the movie at 9:20 PM or 9:25 PM, so I walk up to the counter and say, ‘Is the bar still open?’ She says, ‘Yes, yes, the last round is only at 9.45 pm.’ I say: ‘Gosh, well that’s great, then we can have a drink. I would like a latte.’”

And then? “Then she said, ‘Yes, no, the coffee machine has been cleaned.’ The coffee machine has been cleaned?!?! You are the catering industry, you are happy that it is open again, you are open until 10 pm and then you are not going to clean the coffee machine before the last round!’ Yes, I can’t stand that. I say: ‘Well, then I don’t need ANYTHING!’”

very pissed off

Marc-Marie was really pissed off. “No, then I don’t need anything. I turned around and we walked away immediately. I can not stand that. Then it’s so nice that it’s all open again.”

“I was with someone who sometimes has such a device ehh and who says: ‘It really doesn’t take very long to clean that. That really won’t last forever.’ If you then start cleaning at 10 p.m., you are really still on time. That is such nonsense!”, he concludes in his podcast Marc-Marie & Aaf Tell Everything.


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