Mans Snijders (9) wins nomination competition ‘t Aol’ Volk

The 9-year-old Mans Snijders of the Markeschool from Wachtum has won the nomination competition of the Drenthe association ‘t Aol’ Volk. The grand finale took place last night in the Atlas Theater in Emmen.

The poems were recited in Drenthe. Mans’ poem entitled ‘Smangs’ was written by Theo Bruinsma. It earned the student the big challenge cup and a cash prize.

In the youngest group, 6-year-old Lana Starrenburg won from obs De Delftlanden from Emmen. His recited the poem ‘I have to poop’ by Lammie de Jong.

The nomination competition could not take place in recent years due to corona measures.