Man riots, sets the apartment on fire and jumps out of the window

Emergency services wear protective shields

Emergency services wear protective shields
Photo: Spreepicture

By Dirk Boettger

A man rioted in an apartment on Franz-Künstler-Straße in Kreuzberg late on Saturday evening and threw objects out of the window.

Relatives had tried to speak to the man. However, he didn’t let go. The height rescuers from the fire brigade and a special task force were now on site when the apartment suddenly started to burn.

The man jumped out of the apartment on the top floor of the apartment building, but landed on the edge of the safety cushion.

Flames erupt from the apartment

Flames erupt from the apartment Photo: Spreepicture

He was seriously injured and had to be treated on the spot by an emergency doctor and then came to the Friedrichshain hospital.

According to initial findings, it was a psychological state of emergency.

The fire brigade extinguished the burning apartment while emergency paramedics from DRK Berlin looked after the family members.


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