The Hoofddorp district of Bornholm was the scene of a major police action tonight, in which four people were arrested. The reason was a report about a firearm that had been seen by a witness on the street.

    Major police action in Hoofddorp after firearm report

    An arrest team from the Special Interventions Service (DSI) and a police helicopter were deployed to arrest the fourth suspect, who was staying in a house on Engelsholm. The street was also cordoned off.

    After the necessary preparations, during which a police helicopter circled above their residence for a long time to the surprise of Hoofddorp residents, the arrest team raided the house in Engelsholm. The suspect was eventually overpowered and arrested.

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    Four arrests in major police action after firearm report in Hoofddorp

    The spokesperson cannot say whether the police acted so cautiously when detaining this suspect because he was a firearms hazard. More information about this may be released tomorrow, as well as about the identity of the suspects.

    The firearm was seen at the Skagerrak around 6:30 p.m., the spokesman said. Subsequently, the police first arrested three suspects, and then asked for reinforcements from Engelsholm when the fourth suspect was arrested.

    An ambulance was on standby during the action, and the trauma helicopter was also called in.

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    In addition to the DSI (Special Intervention Service), the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee was also involved, according to photos of the police action. and tweets.

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