On Sunday, February 5th, the 65th Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles. Sam Smith and Kim Petras won the Best Pop Duo / Group Performance category for their duet Unholy. They were presented with the award by none other than the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Which, in turn, has since been exposed to numerous criticisms that are not of a substantive nature.

    In the social networks, especially Twitter, users commented on Madonna’s appearance. It was alleged that she had apparently undergone various cosmetic surgeries and, according to the tenor, these had not been to her advantage. Madonna was no longer recognizable, it was said, in comments on tabloids there was talk, among other things, that she “shocks with an operated face”.

    Now, in a detailed Instagram post, Madonna has taken a stand on the criticism, which was often indistinguishable from an insult. She believes that criticism of her look isn’t just about her looks, but stems from years of rejection of her brazen attitude—combined with a desire by certain sections of the public that women of a certain age should step out of the spotlight. She describes this world of ageism and misogyny as “one that no longer wants to celebrate women over 45 and feels an urge to punish such women if they continue to be strong-willed, hard-working and adventurous.”

    She concluded, quoting BeyoncĂ©: “You won’t break my soul,” she wrote, “You won’t break my soul,” stating, “I look forward to many more years of subversive behavior. I will push boundaries, confront patriarchy, and most importantly, enjoy my life. Bow down bitches!

    Watch her full post with a video collage of backstage scenes of her making out with Dopey and hanging out with Sam Smith, Cardi B, Ab-Soul and DJ Honey Dijon here:

    The 64-year-old Madonna is going on a big “The Celebration Tour” this year. 72 concerts are planned in North America and Europe between July 2023 and January 2024. Shows in Germany have also been announced.