The ‘divorce’ between Macarena Olona and Vox has become evident in recent weeks. The former deputy has opened the box of thunder and has pointed out that there is a lack of internal democracy in which she was her party. Olona has assured this Thursday that Vox is her “family” and He has called for the unity of the party against those who want to sow their division “even if they are inside”.

    Olona, ​​who has not yet made public whether or not she will return to politics and join Vox after resigning after the Andalusian elections in June in which she opted as a candidate for the Board, has published a new message on social networks in which she points out because the Vox crisis may be caused from within the formation. “I ask the entire Vox family, which is my family, not to let those who want to sow division win, even if they are inside,” she warns.

    He underlines that Vox’s project is Spain and that “Spain will only find itself again from unity” and encourages them to endure “whatever is necessary”, because “it is worth it”.

    In an interview on ABC, which she also echoes in her message, Olona adds that when she requested the meeting with the party’s president, Santiago Abascal, his “lynching” was activated, the “meat grinding machine”, complaint. He points out that some saw his illness as an extraordinary opportunity to get him out of the front line of the scene and warns that “some are making a lot of mistakes by breaking the unity that characterized Vox against other political formations.”

    “I know where the stab is coming from”

    “I know where the stab is coming from,” he affirms and says he does not understand that “personal egos come before the purpose of the project.” He insists that a party cannot be exclusive to be an alternative, although he recognizes that the most complicated position in a party is that of general secretary, a position that Javier Ortega Smith has in Vox.

    Ensures that he is not throwing any pulse and that he does not conceive that the result of the meeting that he has asked Abascal “is not to walk together” when he understands that there are no reasons not to “continue hand in hand.”

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    He points out that if he finally decides to return it would be in such a way that Andalusia does not feel betrayed and He assures that his course is “fixed” and that he already has “an absolutely made decision”which does not go through leading a new project with people who left Vox.

    “I represent Vox,” she says, adding that her former colleagues in Congress see her “as a value within Vox that they hope can be incorporated back into what they continue to see as a family.”