By Michael Sauerbier

    Horror in the RBB broadcasting council: In her first balance sheet, the new director of the scandal broadcaster had to admit: The luxury contracts for 27 managers are still valid. A fired boss even gets paid for doing nothing.

    In her first week in office, the new RBB boss Katrin Vernau (49) heard “clear criticism from the workforce”: “I was amazed at the level of uncertainty, disappointment and resentment among the employees.” What was she after the scandal about waste and nepotism expected at RBB?

    Now the interim director wants to present a concept for more say in the broadcaster. But not too soon: “It will take a little patience.”

    RBB director Katrin Vernau is

    RBB director Katrin Vernau is “amazed” at how great the disappointment and displeasure of the employees are Photo: Christophe Gateau/dpa

    Many broadcasting boards don’t have them. Christian Goiny (57, CDU) and Erik Stohn (38, SPD) expressed their outrage at the dry interim report from the expensive law firm examining the RBB scandal.

    “We should leave the audit to the state audit offices if there isn’t more to come,” said Stohn. Vernau gave in: “We have to see if it makes sense to continue investigating elsewhere.”

    Ralf Roggenbuck was elected head of the RBB broadcasting council, Anja Faber as deputy

    Ralf Roggenbuck was elected head of the RBB broadcasting council, Anja Faber as deputy Photo:

    Because the old RBB directors will remain in office until the lawyer’s report. The four are currently waiving bonus payments.

    But the luxury contracts of two dozen other executives continue to apply. “We haven’t dealt with it yet,” admitted Vernau (295,000 euros annual salary). “The rule is: contract is contract.”

    Also for the ex-boss of RBB Media GmbH. He was fired in 2018 but will continue to receive monthly salary until 2026. The director helplessly: “We have to see what can be done…”

    The new head of the Broadcasting Council, Ralf Roggenbuck (57), has a clear plan: “I think it is necessary to streamline the line.” The RBB board of directors recommends cutting three of the four directors.

    Because the BZ had previously reported about it, his representative was silent on Thursday.