Luka Modric bought 50 alarm clocks as a thank you.

    More than two million euros.

    That’s it for the captain of the Croatian national football team Luka Modric37, decided to use it to reward his teammates.

    – He told me a crazy story, the brand expert who worked with Modric Simon Bastiansen tells For Danish TV 2.

    The duo’s collaboration began in 2018, when Modric won the Ballon d’Or, i.e. the title of the best male player in the world. Bastiansen was hired to manage the Croatian star’s partnerships.

    Modric had a rose gold Daytona watch from the luxury brand Rolex on his wrist when the two met for the first time. The watch in question costs around 40,335 euros.

    – This is a special watch, Modric began.

    Luka Modric rewarded his loved ones. EPA/AOP

    Modric bought an alarm clock as a gift for himself after winning the Ballon d’Or. However, it wasn’t just about rewarding yourself.

    – He bought 25 similar watches for the entire Real Madrid team. It wasn’t just about the players. A bus driver, a doctor, a physiotherapist and an assistant coach also received a watch. The gift was intended for everyone, says Bastiansen.

    Modric’s gifts did not fall only on the club team. Each member of the Croatian national team also received a Rolex.

    – So he bought a total of 50 watches, Bastiansen says in amazement.

    The price of the Rolexes was more than two million euros. Modric had a good reason for his generosity.

    – Without them, I wouldn’t have become the best soccer player in the world, Modric said according to Bastiansen.

    The Croatian has represented Real since 2012.

    A humble star

    Even the bus driver of Modric’s club team Real Madrid got to enjoy the gift. PDO

    The Dane describes Modric as being far from a diva superstar despite his success.

    – He is perhaps the most humble athlete I have ever met. And I’ve met quite a few of them.

    Modric was Croatia’s captain when the team beat Brazil in the World Cup quarter-finals on Friday. Croatia leveled in the last half of overtime.

    Modric served the ball For Mislav Orsicwho in turn fed For Bruno Petkovic. Petkovic tied the game, and stretched the match to a penalty shootout.

    The captain scored in a tough spot.

    Croatia will play again on Tuesday night when they face Argentina in the World Cup semi-final. The match starts at 21:00.