Luciano Spalletti the ultras give him the steering wheel of the Panda stolen in 2021

Luciano Spalletti is about to say goodbye to Naples after winning the third championship. Winning the championship after 33 years has left its mark on the hearts of all Azzurri fans ultras wanted to make a nice gift to the coach who made them scream with joy.

Luciano Shoulders and the steering wheel of the panda

In the sports center of Castel Volturno Luciano Spalletti met a small group of ultras who, with their faces covered, were the protagonists of a nice curtain. A large gift package was delivered to the Tuscan coach, a box entirely covered in obviously blue paper like the team’s colours. Luciano Spalletti, visually amused, unwrapped the gift package and found the steering wheel of a panda and some CDs by Pino Daniele. But why the steering wheel of a Panda? It has something to do with a theft that happened a couple of years ago. In fact in the 2021 Luciano Spalletti’s Panda was stolen and somehow the ultras gave it back to him. In the past, when relations weren’t idyllic, they displayed a banner saying to the coach “We’ll give you the Panda back as long as you leave!”. Evidently after two years the situation has changed.

the letter of the ultras

There Spalletti’s Panda it was stolen in October 2021. Today in June 2023, when the coach after winning the championship is about to leave the team, the fans symbolically returned it to him by taking the wheel. The ultras accompanied the delivery with the banner “mariuoli libera!”. They also handed over a plaque with a letter that was read by Spalletti: “This is what remains of the melted Panda.” she laughed read the technician. “Everything makes broth, we took your Panda, with a thousand euros we melted it. We even told you go away, we are the ones with that banner. Now we are here to thank you. Perhaps you understand that this city is not like the others Thanks to Pino Daniele’s fake CDs maybe you can understand it”. The letter concludes with “You are in our heart Lucià, Naples champion, the villains”. A gift and a gesture of thanks for what has been achieved in the season, which will certainly have pleased the coach, who is now ready to enjoy his sabbatical year.