The Saic Motors brand, specialized in light commercial vehicles, launches into campers. The first model for six people focuses on simplicity and a very competitive price

    Maurice Bertera

    January 04th

    The fever of the camperized van is high in Europe: perhaps more for this reason than to respond to the internal market, we are also starting to see models of Chinese houses. The most interesting, not very recent – it appeared at the Beijing show in 2020 – but now seriously launched on the market is the Maxus RG20. The brand is part of the giant Saic Motors, the third largest Chinese automotive group by volume which does not hide a great interest in the European market. The relaunch of MG has already begun, the historic English brand that focuses on often electric sedans and SUVs, while Maxus, imported by the Koelliker Group, looks to the light commercial market (even with a pick-up) but has also presented the Mifa 9, the first 100% electric native seven-seater that will arrive in 2023 in Europe.


    In this strategy it is not surprising that Maxus has thought of a camper van such as the RG20. The house had already tried its hand, in 2021, on the camper theme with a nice provocation such as the Life Home V90 Villa Edition, a two-story vehicle where the sides extended outwards and the roof could also be extended in height. But it stopped at the rendering level while the RG20 is ready for the probable landing in Europe, strengthened by a competitive price (obviously if kept as such) given that in China it costs 270,000 yuan, around 38,600 euros at current exchange rates. That’s almost 20,000 euros cheaper than a Ford Transit Custom Nugget, which could be a direct competitor. Built on the chassis of the G20 minivan, the van is 520 cm long, 198 wide and 193 high, with a wheelbase of 320 cm. It can accommodate up to six passengers on the go, but only four can sleep in it: the internal double bed – obtained by folding down the rear seats – is joined by another modular one in the folding roof.


    Interesting aspect: unlike the other Maxus available in Europe – which are all electric – the RG20 is powered by a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine producing 224bhp, mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF. A hob, a fridge and a sink are available for cooking and among the bathroom facilities, there is an outdoor shower with a 60-litre fresh water tank and a portable toilet. A rear awning provides a shaded area, also outside the vehicle. Standard equipment includes an internal heater, a 2,000-watt inverter, LED lighting and a 200 Ah battery. Curiosity now focuses on the timing for a probable arrival on our market where Maxus currently exports two electric propulsion Lcvs such as the e-Deliver 3 and the e-Deliver 9.