Lots of rain and strong wind

Lots of rain and strong wind

Especially in the late afternoon / early evening the wind picks up considerably. Some models calculate up to 20 liters of water per square meter or more.

Tonight and tonight it is persistently rainy and another 10 to 20 liters of water may fall. The wind then decreases slightly at minima around 8 to 9 degrees.

There is also a lot of rain tomorrow and it can rain intensely and hard. The maxima are then still around 12 degrees. As the day progresses, more dry spells appear.

On Sunday we get a turnaround. The wind becomes northeasterly and dry air comes in with considerable clearance and sun. Despite the cooler air we are in, we still get about 12 degrees.

Monday will be a dry, calm and sunny day with maxima around 12 degrees with a meager northeasterly wind.