Lto 5th edition of the L’Oréal Paris Le Défilé fashion show was held at the École Militaire: a national monument in the heart of Paris and a historical symbol of male power that today becomes a a place of evolution for women. On the catwalk, all the brand ambassadors: from Eva Longoria to Bebe Vio, together with Andie MacDowell and Cindy Bruna, for support female empowerment.

    L’Oréal Paris, Le Défilé: celebrates the “Sisterhood”

    “Thanks to our 5th edition of” Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris “we want to remind women that their individuality is their greatest power,” she said. Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global President L’Oréal Paris. «As a female and feminist brand, our belief is that self-esteem is a journey and that beauty is its catalyst“.

    Precisely for this reason, the beauty brand has also launched the new campaign “A Lipstick is Not a Yes” with the aim of raise awareness of as many people as possible against harassment in public places. In support, the new lipstick Color Riche in limited edition, in the nuance “La Rouge Liberté”.

    Andie MacDowell on the catwalk at L’Oréal Paris, Le Défilé (Credits: Spothlight)

    “Walk Your Worth”: to encourage women from all over the world

    The message of this year’s show, “Walk Your Worth”Comes from the claim, famous all over the world,“ Why you are worth ”by L’Oréal Paris.

    These three powerful words will inspire all women, along with the family of L’Oréal Paris Ambassadors, ad face the world with courage and to walk with your head held high towards your destiny with confidence.

    Beauty Look: between red lips and graphic eyeliner

    To take care of the beauty looks of the fashion show, Val GarlandL’Oréal Paris Global Make-up Director who staged the savoir faire French with red lips and graphic eyeliner.

    Beauty tutorial: red lipstick

    Signature look of the brand’s Global Make-up artist are the eyes, at the center of the make-up: with prominent eyeliner that go from extra black to metallic, with touches of silver and bronze. On her lips, on the other hand, the lipstick returns, from red to purple and in different finishes, each designed to enhance the personality of the wearer to the maximum.

    Hair, on the catwalk: free curls and bobs

    As for the hair it was Stephane Lancien, International L’Oréal Paris Hair Artist & Expert, to take care of all the hairlooks that walked the catwalk. With hair free from any constriction.

    In fact, curls dominate the scene, with Andie MacDowell sporting a silver cascade of micro curls on the catwalk. But not only. Also at the Le Défilé of L’Oréal Paris is the short bob to dominate the scene, flanked by perfect ironings, thus sanctioning the next trends of the season.