LThe wanderlust has recovered stronger than ever: inflation and high energy prices matter little, it’s difficult to give up holidays. And then, for those who are organizing the next tour, perhaps for long weekends and holidays, they can find some interesting suggestions from Lonely Planet. The tourist guide among the most famous in the world has published its Best in Travel 2023i.e. the top travel destinations according to the authors.

    Travel in 2022, the hidden gems around Europe to be discovered

    Traveling with Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel

    Let’s just say that for Italy there is only one destination: Umbria. The Region, which next year will host the 500th anniversary of the death of the painter Perugino, the world-famous Renaissance master, it was the only venue in the Boot included in the rankings.

    Flavours, itineraries, relaxation, connections and discoveries

    The experts have divided the destinations into five types of travel: flavours, itineraries, relaxation, connections and discoveries. The proposed towns and cities do not follow any particular order. This is not a rankingspecifies Lonely Planet, but plus one series of ideas to guide travellers based on personal inclinations.

    Umbria is the only Italian destination included in the ranking

    So depending on whether you decide to travel to discover the flavors of a placeto seek adventure on the road, to relax after a long year of workconnect with prominent figures of the local scene or simply discover, any of these choices will find the perfect place.

    A choice designed on the inclinations of travellers

    The typology Flavors takes into consideration six culinary scenes of international significance. In the section itineraries, instead, there are those locations designed for those who choose exciting experiences.

    The criterion with which the destinations in were chosen Relax instead, it is the contribution given by the territory to relaxation and rediscovering contact with oneself, in particular, thanks to nature.

    While the proposed localities inside connectione are those that have such an energy as to foster a bond with the place and its people. Finally, there are the trips that coincide with the Discoveriesperfect for experiencing unexpected adventures.

    Best in travel 2023: cities to visit

    Flavors category

    Routes category




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