Lizzo didn’t change with super publicity

Lizzo wants to break stereotypes about how plus-sized performers are usually seen.

Lizzo says super publicity hasn’t cured his problems. Matt Baron / Shutterstock, AOP

Artist Lizzo, real name Melissa Jefferson says in a recent interview with Variety magazine openly about how super-publicity didn’t cure his problems or change him as a person.

– It’s more of an observation of you. My DNA has not changed, nothing has changed in me.

– My anxiety didn’t go away, my depression didn’t go away. The things I love didn’t go anywhere. I am still myself, but the way you all look at me has changed. It’s really weird, 33-year-old Lizzo says.

He clarifies that he does not want to sound ungrateful. The sudden changes brought by the public are indeed things he has discussed with his own therapist before.

– Several public figures have been famous since they existed, so they are more accommodating.

– I went to the rattlesnakes and drank the kittens in 2018, and no one knew who I was or came to disturb. In 2019, I realized I couldn’t go to restaurants with my dancers and employees.

In addition to his music, Lizzo is known for his showy style. Chris Tuite / ImageSPACE / Shutterstock, AOP

Lizzo also highlights in the recent Big Grrrls program the stereotypes often associated with plus-sized performers.

– I don’t think they’re doing it nasty. I think they are conditioned to believe that big bodies don’t perform on the same level as me.

– For decades, we have been portrayed as “lazy” on television and in movies, while the slimmer characters are jogging. It’s okay, it’s a stereotype, and it’s not new to me. However, I try my best to break down every stereotype I can. I just destroy them by living and being gorgeous all the time.

Source: Variety, People