Living Library puts stories about psychological problems in the spotlight

Living Library puts stories about psychological problems in the spotlight

This afternoon you could get acquainted with “living books” in Roeselare. People of flesh and blood with a story about psychological problems. Anyone who wanted to could talk to them.

“As you may know, I recently hit my limits, both physically and mentally. I cycled a lot, walked along the coast, talked about it a lot with other people.” Flemish Minister of Welfare Hilde Crevits addresses the public in a video message. She herself also had mental problems some time ago. In this way she supports the initiative ‘Living books’ of Arhus in Roeselare, in collaboration with the Sint-Jozefskliniek in Pittem.

These people all have a story about psychological problems. Talking about it is the first step. Koen Lavens, Sint-Jozefskliniek Pittem: “I think for people who really still struggle with that vulnerability, it is still a giant step to talk about it, actually. And that is also part of the goal we want to achieve today to make negotiating a lot easier for people.”

Marijke is such a person who has learned to talk about her mental problems. And she is now passing on that experience to others. Marijke De Waegeneer: “That taboo is changing very much. Also by a number of well-known people, TV faces who dare to testify honestly about their weakness, which is not actually a weakness, but who dare to admit that it also happens to me. that taboo solved (read more below the photo)

“It looks a bit like speed dating, but the formula is nice, that’s true. It’s nice because you can actually get to know people well in a short time. Especially if there is a story behind it that they have chosen themselves. I I am very curious to meet people and share my story and possibly also exchange experiences, because I think that can be very interesting for both parties.”