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Noshe third and final installment of vivere is not child’s playall the knots come home to roost. The series – airing tonight at 9.30pm on Rai 1 – highlights the cracks that each of the protagonists must heal. Lele collaborates with Saguatti, but her position regarding Mirco’s death is still in the balance. The relationship between Anna and Marco becomes more and more difficult. Serena faces once and for all the relationship with their parents. It’s a showdown, not just for them, but for the other classmates involved as well.

Living is not child’s playthe plot of the last episode

The fifth episode opens with Anna (Nicole Grimaudo) having dinner with Magnani (Stefano Pesce). The entrepreneur openly tells her that he will withdraw the complaint against Marco (Stefano Fresi) only if they spend the night together. Anna pretends that she recorded everything and so saves her husband from the consequences of a trial. Despite the victory, the tension between the spouses is increasingly high and Marco moves to the house in the mountains in Montacuto.

Marco also becomes aggressive with Lele (Riccardo De Rinaldis), who does not hide his contempt for his father. In addition to family problems, the boy has to solve those for the death of Mirco (Tommaso Donadoni). He continues to talk to Saguatti (Claudio Bisio), who investigates the drug dealers and, in the end, arrests Emanuele Bartoletti known as the bomber. However, the problem is far from solved.

The counteroffensive begins. The drug dealers know that it was Lele who mentioned the name and out of spite they steal Marco’s car. Anna is fed up with her husband’s aggressive attitude and, although she is in love with him, seriously considers the idea of ​​separating. Lele also has a fluctuating behavior and has to answer Serena’s (Matilde Benedusi) questions.

Lele confesses the truth to her parents

Aware that by continuing to tell lies he risks losing her, confess everything to the parents. Also in this case, Anna and Marco clash over the decision to make and, in the end, father and son show up at Saguatti’s. Lele confesses that she gave the pasta to Mirco. Despite the tragedy of the moment, Anna and Marco find an understanding.

And while Lele – certain that he will end up in prison – wonders if he will be able to graduate, Saguatti comes to help. Tell them how things went: the pill that Lele gave to Mirco is not the lethal dose that killed him. And for this reason, she pretended that she never found anything in the boy’s backpack. There is a but: the discovery of the tablet prompted him to want to foil the neighborhood drug ring and that’s why he asked Lele for information.

Nicole Grimaudo (Anna), Riccardo De Rinaldis (Lele) and Stefano Fresi (Marco) in “Living is not child’s play”. (Giulia Bertini)

What happens in the second episode

The last episode is that of the showdown for all the protagonists. Pigi (Pietro De Nova) has several problems to deal with. After telling her mother about her father’s double life, she witnesses their separation. Patti (Alessia Cosmo) is still grappling with Spinoza (Luca Geminiani): is he just a friend or is she secretly in love with him?

After opening up to his parents, finally Lele also confesses everything to Serena. Unfortunately their love is hampered, once again, by a hiccup. Sonia (Lucia Mascino) is in the electoral campaign and on paper the daughter is a teenager on drugs and engaged to a drug dealer. Anything but a good business card. There are two options: either withdraw the candidacy for mayor or Serena leaves Lele.

In “Living is not child’s play”, Matilde Benedusi is Serena. (Giulia Bertini)

Serena finds a dialogue with her father

Claudio (Fausto Sciarappa), Serena’s father, intervenes and tries to convince Sonia of the goodness of the boy. This gesture makes him regain his daughter’s trust. Sonia decides to give up the candidacy, but just as he is in the press conference Serena bursts in. She publicly admits to using drugs and saves her mother’s campaign.

The day of the trial arrives, but Lele talks too much and unknowingly gets into trouble. Also, it emerges the reason why Saguatti spent so much to save Lele from the guilt of having killed Mirco: a wound from the past that has never healed. Lele, however, is not yet out of danger: Caminito (Francesco Mastrorilli) knows it was he who spoke and wants him dead. Seized by the impetus, Marco orders him to leave his son alone.

Stefano Fresi (Marco) and Riccardo De Rinaldis (Lele) in the latest episode of “Living is not child’s play”. (Giulia Bertini)

Living is not child’s playfinal and review

Little by little, everything settles down. Parents and children find a meeting point and Mirco’s death is a lesson for everyone. Adults understand that they have to listen to teenagers, teenagers understand that parents are not heroes and can be wrong. AND it is the truth that triumphs. “You think telling the truth will destroy you. Instead, if you find the courage to do it, you win»Lele says.

Produced by Picomedia, the same company that produces Sea out, Living is not child’s play is a series that addresses a difficult issue in a positive way. Although it starts from the death of a boy, there is not the tragic nature of the Nisida prison, the Camorra and the difficult-to-transmit hope, or rather the elements that characterize the Rai 2 series.

Here it is quite the opposite. Mirco’s death is an expedient to talk about the harm caused by drugs and, at the same time, to extend the reflection to the less serious dramas, but no less important, typical of adolescence and parent-child relationship. AND, perhaps even in a simplistic way, the story becomes light. The risks of the consequences that lie ahead at the beginning of the series thin out as you progress through the episodes. And in the end, everything works out. A contemporary fairy tale whose goal, rather than cure, is prevention. Public Service, even if perhaps in a slightly too sweetened key.