Live ticker Kölner Haie – Adler Mannheim (DEL 2022/2023 Playoffs, Quarterfinals)



Ouch! Nico Krämmer blocks a slap shot from the blue with full commitment and gets the puck full on the unprotected ankle. With a pained face, the man from Mannheim drags himself to the bank.



Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Joonas Lehtivuori (Adler Mannheim)

Lehtivuori and Thuresson keep getting caught up and this time the man from Mannheim lets himself be provoked. After a cross check in the back of the Swede, the Finn goes to the bench.



This time, the Mannheimer number game is not really convincing. A single half-baked conclusion from Plachta is at the end of the book for the eagles when Kammerer returns.



Maximilian Kammerer

Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Maximilian Kammerer (Kölner Haie)

After the power break, the hosts are outnumbered again. Kammerer has to watch two minutes after a hook.



David Wolf

Goal for Adler Mannheim, 1:4 by David Wolf

How cool are the eagles today! Wolf conquers the target with a robust effort against Aubry behind the Cologne goal, then curves into the goal area and puts two sharks to shame. Then he shovels the hard rubber wonderfully over Pantkowski’s saver into the far corner. A brilliant individual performance by David Wolf!



Mannheim is only now really getting its chance in this middle third, but it is also becoming extremely dangerous! Twice Pantkowski has to do everything against Bergmann to prevent the next goal.



Now Cologne is on the trigger! Aubry serves perfectly to Bailen, who has a clear path and is denied by a superb reaction from Tiefensee.



Moritz Mueller

Goal for Kölner Haie, 1:3 by Moritz Müller

There’s the hit! Aubry works hard in the round, then Kammerer brings Müller into play. The captain simply pulls away from the high slot and because Reul Tiefensee blocks the view, the goalie’s disc somehow slips under the saver and tumbles over the line.



But Cologne is now much more dynamic than in the first section and also bridges the neutral zone faster. Olver uses a blunder in the Adler structure to the next dangerous conclusion, but Tiefensee parries brilliantly again.



After three minutes without a break, there is the first excitement again. Zach Sill takes off, wants to get the rebound himself and rams goalie Tiefensee. After a short break, everyone continues.



Of course, the Haie come back onto the ice with a lot of energy, but Mannheim has the first good chance again! Because the disc slides across the slot once more, Taro Jentzsch almost pulls together a double pack. Somehow Pantkowski steers the thing around the post with a pad and stick.



Beginning of 2nd third



third conclusion:
Incredibly efficient Eagles lead 3-0 after 20 minutes in game four at the Haie! The guests were wide awake from the start and after 16 seconds they took the lead through Plachta. When the Haie slowly woke up, it was already 0:2, because Katic had raised for the Kurpfälzer, who were always half a step faster. After ten minutes, the Domstadters took control and created good chances that goalie Tiefensee and his defenders all destroyed. Cologne had more shots on goal overall (13:9), but Mannheim also scored the third goal because Jentzsch was able to win the power play. The Haie don’t really know how they got into this situation, but they have to turn it up a notch in the middle section to get back into the game. See you soon!



Andreas Thuresson caused another shock in the last minute and hit the post of his own goal with a completely failed pass in the Cologne third!



The guests, outnumbered, go about their work in an incredibly structured and clever way. Cologne just can’t find a gap with one more man on the ice.



Louis-Marc Aubry is the most dangerous from Cologne with a majority and pushes from all positions. So far, Arno Tiefensee has made a spotless game and takes away everything that comes close to him.



Thomas Larkin

Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Thomas Larkin (Adler Mannheim)

Larkin overdoes it a bit with the use of his body and checks his opponent aside unnecessarily hard. The referees have not let much go through so far and logically it goes back to the penalty box.



Taro Jentzsch

Goal for Adler Mannheim, 0:3 by Taro Jentzsch

Mannheim and Powerplay – That just fits in this series! Shortly before the penalty expired, Borna Rendulić simply threw the disc at goal due to a lack of options from the face-off circle. Pantkowski parries with his shoulder, then the disc is half a meter in front of the goal. Taro Jentzsch reacts the quickest and scores his second goal in this series. The first fell on the power play as well.



Wolf and Katic are in the majority together, but Pantkowski remains stable and grabs. But this time, Mannheim can almost always establish itself at the front.



Nick Bailen

Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Nick Bailen (Kölner Haie)

But now the Rhinelanders are taking the wind out of their sails again and have to be outnumbered. Bailen is arrested for a trip.



Seconds later, Landon Ferraro fires the next dangerous shot, but Sinan Akdağ shits in and relieves his goalie with a very strong block.



Cologne is becoming more and more agile and sniffs the goal! The disc slips through to Kammerer, who fails from the high slot on Tiefensee’s schooner. Aubry then gets a free shot on the empty goal, but from a very acute angle. The play equipment lands on the outside net!



After the power break, the hosts have improved in that they now appear more alert and are no longer so easily swayed by the eagles. Olver tries to counterattack from a tight angle and misses.



lean miner

Disciplinary penalty (10 minutes) for Lean Bergmann (Adler Mannheim)

The door opens again! This time it’s Bergmann, who has to go down because he went after Austin after a whistle and got a personal penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Bergmann has a ten-minute break, but there is no power play.



Cologne is complete again, but is still looking for access to this game. Even with a tie, this looks like a Mannheim power play.



Mannheim seems more alert overall and makes a lot of steam even when outnumbered. Joonas Lehtivuori clearly misses from a promising position, then the Haie can finally free themselves and make a change.



Ryan Stanton

Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Ryan Stanton (Kölner Haie)

And now the eagles can also go on the power play! Stanton has to go into the cooler for 120 seconds after a hook.



Mark Katic

Goal for Adler Mannheim, 0:2 by Mark Katic

What efficiency! As soon as the Kurpfälzer are complete again, Mirko Pantkowski’s goal rings again! Lean Bergmann puts the disc in the attacking third, then Matt Donovan pushes the thing from the left across the slot to the other side to the completely free-standing Mark Katic, who ice-coldly executes the near corner.



A lot of effort, little return: The Haie were outnumbered in three and a half minutes against Adler, who defended passionately and moved well. Mannheim is complete again!



Nick Baptiste slams the hard rubber on the post! Nick Bailen fits across the slot to the left and the Canadian hammers the disc onto the linkage. Tiefensee would probably have been there too.



Tyler Gaudet

Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Tyler Gaudet (Adler Mannheim)

Another penalty against the guests! Gaudet is prosecuted for tripping Mark Olver and is also out. 25 seconds of 5v3 for the home side!



The Haie are now in the majority, of course, putting pressure on them and making the first dangerous shots. So far Arno Tiefensee hasn’t let anything happen.



Fabrizio Pilu

Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Fabrizio Pilu (Adler Mannheim)

Both get 5 minutes for the fistfight, but Pilu gets an additional 2 minutes because of unnecessary harshness. Cologne is allowed to go to the power play for the first time!



Landon Ferraro

Major penalty (5 minutes) for Landon Ferraro (Kölner Haie)



Fabrizio Pilu

Large penalty (5 minutes) for Fabrizio Pilu (Adler Mannheim)

Pilu triggers the fight with a rude attack on Pilu and then the two let it rip properly. Both of them go to the bench for five minutes to cool down.



After less than 90 seconds the fists are flying for the first time!



The Haie look for a quick answer and counter via Jon Matsumoto, who surprises Arno Tiefensee from a tight angle almost in the near post. But only almost.



Matthew Plachta

Goal for Adler Mannheim, 0:1 by Matthias Plachta

What a start! After 16 seconds, the guests take the lead! Mannheim quickly forces an offensive face-off and then fires the first shot on goal. Pantkowski, but Wolf grabs the disc behind the goal and immediately puts it in the slot. Plachta is correct, reacts at lightning speed and nets to make it 0:1!



Off we go! Game four between the Cologne Sharks and the Mannheim Eagles is on. Mirko Pantkowski guards the goal of the home side, Arno Tiefensee starts in the guest box.


The Eagles, who were not dissatisfied with their performance, were similarly pragmatic after the second bankruptcy. “We played our game on Friday, we played our game today and we’ll do the same on Tuesday. If we do it the way we did today, there’s no question we’ll win games. It doesn’t matter if we play at home or away,” said Mark Katic.


Despite the home advantage they had won again, the Cologne side remained cautious in the run-up to the fourth game. “I’ve been saying since day one that it’s going to be a long series. Mannheim has a good team. We have to stay with us, play our best ice hockey and then we’ll see what happens,” McIntyre said.


Since the series between the traditional teams from Cologne and Mannheim is still waiting for the first home win, the Rhinelanders go into this fourth game with a 2-1 lead. After the surprisingly clear 0:4 opening defeat on home ice, the Adler hit back in game two at the Dom with 2:1 and thus had the home advantage on their side again. But not for long, because on Sunday a gripping overtime thriller went to the Haie again after 87 minutes of play thanks to David McIntyre’s golden goal.


Hello and welcome to the fourth game of the quarter-final series between the Kölner Haie and the Adler from Mannheim. At 7.30 p.m. it’s all happening in the Lanxess Arena!