Live ticker Karen Khachanov – Stefanos Tsitsipas (Australian Open 2023, semifinals)


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:6, 1:2

Is that bitter from the point of view of the Russian, who conceded the break after another mistake on the forehand. Now it will be very, very difficult for the 26-year-old, who is behind with two sets and a break.


K. Khachanov – S. Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:6, 1:1

Khachanov does not manage to close his service game in this phase. Tsitsipas now has the third break ball here!


K. Khachanov – S. Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:6, 1:1

That almost gives flashbacks to Karen Khachanov, who plays another overhead ball so carefully that Tsitsipas stays in the rally. But this time the Russian can finally decide for himself.


K. Khachanov – S. Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:6, 1:1

Now it’s getting really tricky! Tsitsipas plays a great return and immediately moves to the net. Khachanov’s lob isn’t good enough then and so there’s the early breakball!


K. Khachanov – S. Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:6, 1:1

But for that he would have to stop the greatly improved service of the Greek. But Stefanos Tsitsipas takes the momentum and plays his way to 1-1 without losing a point.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:6, 1:0

What else is up for Karen Khachanov? The Russian at least gets his service game through here at the start of the third set. Can the 26-year-old report back here again?


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:6

And that was almost to be expected! Stefanos Tsitsipas can’t take the sentence after this brilliant break. The Greek served himself to a 2-0 set lead with zero!


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:5

Khachanov posts another mistake and loses his serve here. If he loses the sentence in this way, it could be a hit for the 26-year-old!


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:4

What a crazy rally! Khachanov has three free overhead balls here, but doesn’t use any, even though Tsitsipas had already switched off. The rally picks up speed again and goes to the Greek, who now has the break balls here.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:4

Tsitsipas is a bit unsure after the foot error, but then gets through his service without a breakball and makes it 4: 4.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:3

Tsitsipas was able to increase his rate by over 30 percent on the first serve. And this despite the fact that he has already received his third foot fault. The reason for this is that the Greek stands with the back foot over center and not with the supporting leg in the field.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 4:3

At this stage, both sides of the net move quite quickly when it comes to service play. Khachanov again gets through his service easily and so this second set is already in crunch time.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 3:3

Tsitsipas is still trying very hard to put his forehand into play. For this, the Greek runs around his backhand again and again. A lot of effort, but success so far has proven him right.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 3:2

In a hurry, however, Khachanov restores the lead. The Russian needs just over a minute for his service game.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 2:2

Tsitsipas stabilized extremely on his own serve. Of course, that helps him equalize here at 2:2. On the way there he made his second foot fault today. With the two time warnings, the referee has already intervened four times in the Greek’s serve, but he is completely focused and doesn’t show anything.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 2:1

Take a deep breath with Karen Khachanov! The 26-year-old is struggling to make it 2-1! One can only repeat it: After losing the set in round one, it is all the more important for him not to chase a break too early again.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 1:1

But Khachanov defends himself and with success. With good serves, he secures two free points for the debut.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 1:1

With a cracking return winner, Tsitsipas sets the course for break chances. Because Khachanov then gives another point with a mistake, Tsitsipas now has two opportunities to take the serve from his opponent.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 1:1

In the first round, Tsitsipas won despite his serve rate being below 50% on the first service. The Greek is now working on this quota, bringing every first serve into the field and thus having no problems making it 1-1.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 1:0

Very well played by the Russian! Khachanov distributes the ball just right and holds here. And it was a very important one for the 26-year-old, who desperately needed a good start in the second half after losing the tie break.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7, 0:0

Immediately Karen Khachanov’s serve wobbles again! The Russian goes to the net, but is over-praised by his opponent. It’s about debut here!


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:7

Set number one goes to the Greeks! Tsitsipas serves to the outside and attacks the opponent’s backhand, who makes far too many mistakes in this tie break.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:6 (1:6)

And now there are five set balls for Stefanos Tsitsipas! Hard to imagine that he can still take it.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:6 (1:5)

The 24-year-old is going through a strong phase at the moment and also has the necessary bit of luck when it comes to lines. When the score is 5:1 for the Greek, the sides are changed here.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:6 (1:2)

Very good return from Tsitsipas! The length of the Greek is correct and so Khachanov cannot optimally control the ball when running backwards. There is the mini break for Stefanos Tsitsipas!


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 6:6

And because Karen Khachanov is also unimpressed by the missed opportunity and delivers his service with confidence, this first set now goes into the tie break!


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 5:6

But what Stefanos Tsitsipas then shows is great tennis. From 0:30, the Greek makes the 6: 5 from his point of view and does not let himself be disturbed. Very mature appearance of the 24-year-old.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 5:5

What a situation! Stefanos Tsitsipas now mercilessly receives the second warning from the German referee because he takes too much time. As a result, the Greek loses a serve and subsequently serves the double fault. 0:30 from his point of view.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 5:5

Karen Khachanov confirms the re-break here and makes it 5:5. The Russian shows very good body language here and may now have a small psychological advantage for the crunch time of the first round.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 4:5

It’s the next twist in that crazy first movement! For the second time, Stefanos Tsitsipas cannot confirm his own break and immediately returns the serve.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 3:5

Tsitsipas has to go over the second serve for the fourth time in the game and gets the opponent’s quick return played right in front of his feet. He can’t do much with that and now has two breakballs against him.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 3:5

What a start to his service game from Stefanos Tsitsipas, who hits two double faults here and gets a warning in between because he takes too much time.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 3:5

The Greek keeps making it very strong and takes the break. For the first time today, the 24-year-old is going out emotionally and wants to take the audience with him.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 3:4

Tactically, too, Tsitsipas keeps trying to set the pace so that he can get his forehand into play. With this he can work out the next breakball here.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 3:4

It could have turned out very differently here. Tsitsipas plays three points here, where he just about catches the line. In the end it won’t really matter to him, he makes it 4:3 without losing a point.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 3:3

Already during service, Khachanov is now increasingly going into the opponent’s backhand. The 26-year-old is doing very well in this phase and is 3:3.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 2:3

Everything back in order! Khachanov gets the break here because he immediately attacks the opponent’s second serve and can make a lot of speed. In the end, that’s too fast for Tsitsipas to be able to face the ball cleanly.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 1:3

Of course, Khachanov also notices how Tsitsipas wants to get his forehand into play and therefore attacks the Greek’s backhand as often as possible. This is how Khachanov works out two of his own breakballs.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 1:3

Tsitsipas on the other side tries to shift to his forehand at every opportunity. With success, he gets the break here!


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 1:2

Now, however, things are getting very tight for the Russians! Khachanov makes the second slight forehand error in this service game and now has the break point against him.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 1:2

We are still waiting for the first tricky service game. So far, there is nowhere near a break here. Tsitsipas allows a point from the opponent this time, but nothing more.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 1:1

Khachanov fails to field a first serve here. This is a curse and a blessing at the same time. On the one hand, he doesn’t manage to get a free point, but he sees that he can keep up well in the long rallies. In the end, the Russian got the 1:1 equalizer without a first serve.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 0:1

Otherwise, a relaxed start for Stefanos Tsitsipas, who served well here at the beginning and made it 1-0 without losing a point.


K.Khachanov – S.Tsitsipas 0:0

Here we go! Stefanos Tsitsipas opens the game and quickly launches the first net attack. Khachanov’s lob is actually good, but bounces just past the line.


Are all good things four?

For the fourth time in the last five years, Stefanos Tsitsipas is in the semifinals of the Australian Open. The 24-year-old has not made it into the final once. But today it’s finally time, as the Greek is the clear favorite in the game, for which he actually only had to fight against Jannik Sinner in the round of 16. Apart from the five-set thriller against the South Tyrolean, he won all matches clearly and clearly.


Khachanov challenged to a new level

For the second time after last year’s US Open, Karen Khachanov is in a semi-final of a Grand Slam. Along the way, he only met a higher seeded player once, and that was in a duel with Frances Tiafoe. So on paper, today will be by far the biggest test for the Russian, who hasn’t beaten a player in the top ten in 22 matches.


Warm welcome!

Good morning and hello to the Australian Open 2023! The two men’s semi-finals are on the program for Friday. Karen Khachanov and Stefanos Tsitsipas start at around 4:45 a.m. and determine the first finalist for Sunday.