Yellow card for Ryan Malone (Hansa Rostock)



    After an attempted shot, Rostock complained about handball in the penalty area and wanted a penalty. However, the referee and the video assistant quickly agree that this was not an intentional handball.



    Kai Proeger

    Tooor for Hansa Rostock, 1:0 by Kai Pröger

    The hosts are leading because Arminia is helping! Silvan Sidler blindly hits a ball forward in the build-up game and thus invites the Rostock team to attack. The ball runs over the Rhine and Verhoek to Pröger, who dances out of Hüsing and thrashes the ball into the net at what feels like 200 km/h from a central position of 15 metres. At least we now know that the nets here are of good quality. That was a wonderful action by the Rostocker.



    After the Rhine free kick, Rostock are countered because Arminia is finally playing fast forward. In the end, Masaya Okugawa fails on the right side because of the brilliantly reacting Markus Kolke.



    If something works, then only through standard situations. Simon Rhein’s free kick from the left half-field flies just wide of friend and foe this time.



    Bastian Oczipka looks very committed on his left side. At times, however, it seems as if the Rostockers have at least one more man on the pitch. So the offensive attempts of the left defensive man are still in vain.



    Sebastian Vasiliadis lets his creativity run wild when Arminia attack and chips the ball from the left half-field into the penalty area. Only he himself knows who he saw there. Markus Kolke comes out and fishes the leather out of thin air. There were only men in blue around him anyway.



    The next corner from Rostock comes from the right into the penalty area and becomes really dangerous. Ryan Malone escapes his opponent and gets a free header in the goal area. Fortunately for Bielefeld, the defender can’t hit the ball properly and puts the ball half a meter wide of the left post. That was lousy defended by Arminia.



    Hansa’s offensive ideas are currently limited to shots from the second row. This time it’s Dennis Dressel who shoots the ball into the clouds from 30 meters.



    Bastian Oczipka energetically crosses from the left into the sixteen. A Rostock defender gets his heel just in front of the lurking Fabian Klos and can rectify the situation.



    Simon Rhein brings in the first corner kick from the left. A Bielefeld player can clear with a header, but the ricochet ends up with Sebastien Thill, who takes the ball with his chest and then shoots it directly from 25 meters. However, his powerful shot flies a good meter over the bar.



    After almost five minutes, the game is primarily taking place in midfield. The Rostockers have a little more possession of the ball, but cannot yet convert it into scoring chances.



    Both teams get a taste of each other at the start. Neither Bielefeld nor Rostock are particularly aggressive. The atmosphere in the Ostseestadion, on the other hand, is great from the start.



    Let’s go in the Ostseestadion! Referee Sven Jablonski from Bremen whistles to start the game. As usual, Rostock will play in blue jerseys and Bielefeld will switch to orange.


    At Hansa Rostock, compared to the 1-0 win against HSV, only Sebastien Thill from Luxembourg has replaced Frederic Ananou in the starting eleven. Arminia coach Uli Forte sees more need for action in his team and changes his team to four positions and also switches to a back four. Bastian Oczipka and Silvan Sidler are replacing full-backs George Bello and Christian Gebauer on the flanks. In addition, new signing Marc Rzatkowski replaces Manuel Priel in central midfield. Instead of defender Andres Andrade, the Bielefeld coach also sends winger Robin Hack onto the pitch, who is supposed to cause a stir offensively.


    The two teams have met 19 times in the past. Rostock won eight of the duels, Bielefeld six. Both teams drew five times. However, the last duel was almost seven years ago. In March 2015, Arminia won 3-2 on matchday 29 of the 3rd division. Even then, club legend Fabian Klos stormed for East Westphalia. Today the clubs meet one league higher.


    Arminia from Bielefeld was able to fulfill its duty in the cup last weekend. The East Westphalians won 7-1 against the Oberliga club FV Engers 07. In the league, however, things have been anything but smooth for the relegated team. On the first day of the game, Uli Forte’s team lost 2-1 to SV Sandhausen and on the second day of the game, the Bielefeld team lost to their opponent Jahn Regensburg. After 90 minutes, the scoreboard in the SchücoArena showed a bitter 0:3. So today, the Arminia fans want to see the turnaround in the form of three points to finally get out of the bottom half of the table. The Bielefeld team’s goal for the season was in the top third of the table before the season started.


    The Rostockers have had a mixed start to the season so far. A 0-1 defeat against Heidenheim is offset by a 1-0 win against Hamburger SV. In the cup fight, coach Jens Härtel’s team lost 1-0 to regional league club VfB Lübeck last Saturday. Against Bundesliga relegated Bielefeld, points should now come back if possible.


    Hello and welcome to the 2nd Bundesliga on Saturday evening. In today’s top game at 8:30 p.m. Hansa Rostock and Arminia Bielefeld meet.