Go on! Both teams come out of the break unchanged. Can Crystal Palace continue the good phase at the end of the half?



    Kick-off 2nd half



    Mid-term conclusion:
    Arsenal lead 1-0 at Crystal Palace in Premier League opening game at half-time! And this lead is absolutely deserved, because the guests put a lot of pressure on here from the start and pushed the Eagles completely into their own half. Martinelli’s goal in the 20th minute was therefore overdue. He could have put the Gunners ahead in the fourth minute. After just under half an hour, the home side thawed a little more and defended themselves against the dominance of the north Londoners. Édouard even had the chance to make it 1-1, but was denied by Ramsdale. The final phase of the first half should have encouraged the Eagles that there is still something in it against a strong opponent.



    Official stoppage time (minutes): 1



    Granit Xhaka (Arsenal FC) is shown a yellow card.

    Xhaka falls easily against Andersen. He gets a yellow card from the referee for that.



    There’s a huge chance of an equaliser! After a free kick from the half field, Andersen puts the ball across with his head. Edouard is completely free there, but fails from close range due to the strongly reacting Ramsdale! It was a spitting image of Arsenal’s goal, albeit without the goal.



    Now Ben White joins in! The right-back plays the ball sharply in the middle, where Palace can just clear the ball and the Eagles are also there against a possible follow-up shot from Xhaka.



    The fans at Selhurst Park are getting a bit of a wake up call from their team. Crystal Palace is getting a little braver offensively and can no longer be pushed in so far back.



    Ramsdale is causing a bit of a shock for Arsenal fans. The goalkeeper waits a little too long with his ball and shoots Édouard. From there, however, the ball lands at Saliba.



    The guests’ attacks often come from the right side, but then shift to the left. Zinchenko is the much more active of the two full-backs there and works hard at the front line.



    After the 1:0, the game initially continues in the same way as in the first 20 minutes. Arsenal are pushing, Crystal Palace are almost exclusively in their own half. It is almost surprising that the guests only have 65% ball possession.



    Gabriel Martinelli

    Tooor for Arsenal FC, 0:1 by Gabriel Martinelli

    There’s the overdue lead for the Gunners! Zinchenko intervened again at the front and served Martinelli with a head after a cross on the far post. This rises highest in the middle and goalkeeper Guaita is powerless against the Brazilian’s header.



    Crystal Palace, on the other hand, can hardly get out of their own half, especially not in a playful way. Arsenal is on the offensive with the whole team and does not let the opponent develop at all.



    Arsenal are very dominant in the first quarter of an hour. The Gunners don’t need an adjustment period in this new season. Only one goal is missing so far.



    Zinchenko has moved up and gets the ball in the backcourt. From there, the Ukrainian just pulls away. Guaita raises his fists in time and parries this powerful shot.



    The Eagles are very deep in the early stages, but Arsenal are extremely enthusiastic at the beginning. The nimble Gunners put a lot of pressure on Palace.



    Arsenal have a huge early chance to make it 1-0! Gabriel Jesus takes on the entire Palace back line and tries to put the ball on target. The ball is deflected but falls right in front of Martinelli’s feet, but his nerve fails from close range. The Brazilian shoots wide of the far post!



    Here we go! The Premier League 2022/23 is on! The hosts in the usual red and blue, Arsenal wear the pink away kit today.


    Arsenal FC have been a little busier on the transfer market. The Gunners found what they were looking for, especially at Man City, securing the services of Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko. The two newcomers, who together cost almost 90 million euros, have been part of the game from the start. Loan returnee William Saliba has also made the leap into the starting lineup.


    The hosts signed Cheick Doucoure from Lens and Chris Richards from Bayern in the summer to strengthen their defence. While the latter is just sitting on the bench today, Doucoure is in the starting XI. Further ahead in the Eagles squad, Wilfried Zaha should again provide danger and goals this season.


    At Arsenal FC, too, there were mainly positive things to report in the pre-season. Apart from the 2-1 draw against Brentford, the Gunners have won all their friendlies. With a 4-0 win over Chelsea and a 6-0 win against Sevilla, they also set two clear exclamation points that should give Mikel Arteta’s men some confidence.


    The preparations at Crystal Palace went well, which is also reflected in the results of the friendlies. Although they lost 2-0 and 3-1 to Liverpool and Man United, they managed to beat Queens Park Rangers and Montpellier 3-0 and 4-2 at the end of the pre-season. So the Eagles are starting the season with a good feeling.


    While Crystal Palace ended last season in very calm waters with 48 points and 12th place, things were a little wilder for the Gunners. After eighth place last season and an almost historically poor start to the season with three early losses, the north Londoners have recovered. In the battle for fourth place, they lost out to rival Tottenham of all places, but Arsenal and their young team are back on the right track.


    Good evening and welcome to the Premier League! The opening game is on the agenda in the English House of Lords this Friday. The start of the season this year is reserved for one of the many London derbies. At 9pm Arsenal FC take on Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park!