Live ticker AC Milan – Newcastle United (Champions League 2023/2024, Group F)


7:38 p.m

Half-time conclusion:

AC Milan showed a strong first half in the Champions League opener against Newcastle United, but still went into the break without a goal due to poor conversion of chances. The Rossoneri quickly took command after kick-off and immediately made it 1-0 against a previously overwhelmed Newcastle. Goalkeeper Pope saved his Magpies with various saves, especially in the early stages, and is pretty much the only Newcastle player to be seen at the San Siro so far. Can Milan reward themselves in the second half or will the Magpies find their way back into the game better in their premier class comeback?



Newcastle United’s first shot on goal! Jacob Murphy takes two steps into the penalty area and shoots from half-right from 14 meters. The ball quickly drifts too far to the left and goes clear.



Yellow card for Davide Calabria (AC Milan)

Milan captain Calabria complains to the referee about an alleged striker foul and shouts in the referee’s face. He doesn’t accept that and pulls out yellow.



Milan now has 14:1 shots on goal and could easily lead 3:0 here. However, there is still a big zero on the scoreboard at San Siro.


7:25 p.m

Milan is getting desperate! Once again the home team misses out on a top-class player. Rafael Leão makes a cross at the left post really sharp and extends his head into the middle. Giroud also wants to do magic there and fails with an attempted side kick!



Rafael Leão tricks himself! The Portuguese is free after a through pass and easily lets three Magpies out one after the other in the box. Afterwards, Rafael Leão wants to crown his solo with a backheel goal and ends up kicking into the void! It had graphite vibes. Only as a fail edition.


7:20 p.m

In return, Giroud is on the move again! The Frenchman runs in the middle on the counterattack and shoots the ball against the side netting after a hot pass from Hernández!


7:19 p.m

Was there something? Newcastle now plays more forward and is immediately dangerous: Longstaff takes a cross pass from the right at the penalty spot and goes down after a mini-contact from Rafael Leão. Far too little for a penalty…


7:18 p.m

With a free kick in midfield, Newcastle has a very special idea and plays the standard twice briefly via Trippier and Tonali. In the end, the guests get bogged down with this “special” and lose the ball.


7:16 p.m

The guests from England take a small step forward and, with more time on the ball, take away some of Milan’s drive. The Magpies initially prevent any further attacks from the Rossoneri.



Murphy starts on the right side at Newcastle and wants to create more of a goal threat for the Magpies with a cross. Tomori joins them in time and blocks the cross carefully.



Newcastle interrupts Milan’s ongoing attack wave with more possession and puts the brakes on. However, Milan remains toxic and often emerges victorious in duels.


7:08 p.m

Milan is pushing for 1-0 and is already 8-0 shots on goal. Will the Italians’ strong initial phase end with a reward or will the usury of opportunities take its revenge?


7:07 p.m

Next big opportunity for Milan! At the following corner, Loftus-Cheek appears completely free in the English five-man position and pushes the ball with force onto the goal from six meters. Again only Pope prevents the impact!


7:06 p.m

Another hot ball lands in the Magpies’ penalty area, who are again not well sorted. After a clearing action by the Englängers, Krunić takes a long-range shot from almost 25 meters. Pope has to go again and punches the ball over the goal just in time.


7:04 p.m

Newcastle tries to counter this, but is often too imprecise on offense. Many high balls behind the Rossoneri defense line end up out of bounds or directly at Milan keeper Maignan.



Milan sniffs the opening goal! Newcastle’s defense isn’t quite keeping up at the moment and is now very shaky. Giroud places a high ball in the air on the right aluminum and shoots Pope in the chest from a few meters. The home team isn’t missing much to make it 1-0.


7:01 p.m

Double chance for Milan! Pobega first fires a shot from the backcourt and forces Pope to make his first flying save into the left corner of the goal. Then a diagonal ball lands at Loftus-Cheek, who also fails from close range to Pope!



The Magpies are running very high and want to stress the Rossoneri in defense. The home team’s passing game has been flawless so far and is therefore not under pressure.


6:55 p.m

The initial phase makes you want more and speaks in favor of an offensive game. Zlatan Ibrahimovic also likes it, keeping his fingers crossed for Milan in the stands.



On the visitors’ side, right-back Trippier tries a cross into the dangerous zone. At the five-point level, Milan can clear with his head.



First finish: Loftus-Cheek distributes the leather on the left side edge and places it to the inside. Rafael Leão has some time in the middle of the penalty area and tests Newcastle goalkeeper Pope with a first warning shot into the middle of the goal. The visitors’ goalkeeper collects the ball safely.


6:49 p.m

Fiery start! The Rossoneri start off stormy and want to quickly forget the derby defeat against Inter. With the first long ball to Loftus-Cheek, Tonali resists and sets an example with a good body check.


6:47 p.m

Andiamo! Referee José Maria Sánchez from Spain blows the whistle and the ball rolls. Milan plays in the red and black club colors and faces Newcastle, who wear black and white.


Dinner is served! The players come onto the pitch and the legendary Champions League song sounds. The Milan fans show a gigantic choreography and cover the entire stadium in red and black.

6:33 p.m

Will Milan make a successful start to the new Champions League season despite derby frustration or will the Magpies make their comeback a holiday? We’ll be surprised, it’s about to start at San Siro!

6:25 p.m

Fittingly, the Italian Tonali has a new chance at the Magpies today, allowing him to start against his former club from the start. Isak and Murphy are also new to the team, having been left out of the recent 1-0 league win over Brentford.

6:20 p.m

Now let’s look at the staff. Milan coach Pioli draws conclusions from the derby defeat against Inter and makes three changes in total. In central defense, Tomori will now play alongside Thiaw, while Pobega and winger Chukwueze will also move into the first eleven.

6:14 p.m

When it comes to squad quality, both teams are pretty much on equal terms today. There is no favorite. For both teams there is already a lot at stake in the direct duel in Group F. In the shadow of PSG, Milan, Newcastle and BVB will all be aiming for second place.

6:07 p.m

The Milanese’s opponent is the newly rich and resurgent Newcastle United. Thanks to major financial support from Saudi Arabia, the Magpies are celebrating their comeback in the premier class and are back in the group stage of the Champions League for the first time in 20 years.

5:58 p.m

For AC Milan, the start of the new Champions League season is a kind of self-therapy today. The Rossoneri’s self-confidence is in the basement after the crushing 1:5 in the Milan city derby against Inter. On the other hand, Stefano Pioli’s team now has a quick chance to make amends in front of their own fans and can compete in the European Cup again. So the competition in which Milan even reached the semi-finals last year and was stopped there by who? Correct: Inter.

5:30 p.m

Good evening and welcome to the Champions League! In the early evening game at 6:45 p.m. AC Milan and Newcastle United open Group F. Who will start the BVB group with a win?