Live blog: Ajax – Feyenoord will be played this afternoon

The Ajax supporters’ association wants to talk to Mayor Halsema. The director of the association is ‘against generic measures’, he says in the daily newspaper Fidelity. According to him, ‘a bunch of individuals who have misbehaved need to be dealt with.’ “I understand that the police force is under pressure, but leaving entire sections empty goes too far.”

In conversation with Nieuwsuur pleaded the mayor on Monday, among other things, for it one-on-one searches before the match and nets for the hard core section. In the interview, Halsema said he would consider taking measures if the club did not intervene itself. Halsema is also considering lifelong stadium bans for the rioters and keeping sections in the stadium that are misbehaving empty for some time.

“I understand that the police force is under pressure,” Nagtzaam responds. “But to just leave entire boxes empty goes too far. The individual misbehaves, the vast majority do not. There were zero incidents at Ajax last season. Since April, 49 matches had been suspended, but zero at Ajax. We have taken all We understand the image created by Sunday’s excesses, but please let us go back to reason.”