In the Ex on the Beach program, personal matters are immediately discussed.

    Discovery+ streaming service’s love reality Ex on the Beach Finland starts tomorrow March 14th.

    In the program, eight singles travel to the Mediterranean coast to spend their dream vacation with parties. However, the party takes a surprising turn when the former partners of the participants arrive in paradise to stir things up.

    In the first episode of the program, Singles get to know each other while enjoying drinks and talking at the table. The topic of discussion is the number of sexual partners.

    Ex on the Beach singles immediately jump into the deep end in their conversations. Cristian Dascalu

    Bodycount means “body count” in direct translation, but in slang the real translation is “number of sexual partners”.

    – What is the gang’s Bodycount really? Single-Lito asks the other participants.

    The other participants tell the numbers of their own sexual partners with some difficulty. CIA says that the number of his previous sexual partners is approximately 13–15.

    Other Singles also say that they have had sex with around 15–30 different people.

    – You are saints, Lito answers.

    The other Singles are shocked by Lito’s revelation. Henri Korpi

    Top replies to Lito that sex is not such a big deal for him. More important is who you get in close contact with.

    – I don’t get pleasure from any one-night stands. It’s the same as I pull my hand and go to sleep. It doesn’t matter to me at all, says Topi.

    – I can’t relate, Kia says with a laugh.

    “Now don’t be afraid”

    Lito, who raised the issue, makes the jaws of other singles drop when he tells the number of his own sexual partners.

    Lito states that others are saints. Cristian Dascalu

    He warns others in advance about the abnormal amount.

    – I’ve got it, don’t be afraid… My Bodycount is less than 400, but more than 200, Lito says matter-of-factly.

    Especially Topi and Daniel downright shocked by Lito’s answer. The two question several times whether the number of Lito’s previous sexual partners can really be more than 200.

    – Two hundred? Over two hundred? Mom doesn’t even lie? Daniel tiva.

    – Yes. Less than 400, more than 200 different people, Lito decides while eating an orange.

    The Ex on the Beach Finland program starts on March 14. Two episodes available on Tuesdays Discovery+ service and on Fridays on the Frii channel. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.