Linda de Mol on TV for the first time after news about persecution: slime shower

Linda de Mol was on television for the first time last night since the news about the prosecution of her lover Jeroen Rietbergen, who is suspected of rape. “Rain of compliments!!!”

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The bad news does not stop for Linda de Mol. Shortly after she was caught in Paris on her love reunion with Jeroen Rietbergen, the Public Prosecution Service announced last week that they will prosecute him for the rape of Voice candidate Nienke Wijnhoven. Disastrous for the image of the already fallen TV queen.

Slime shower

Linda appeared on television yesterday for the first time since the news about the prosecution decision, namely in a previously recorded episode of Miljoenenjacht. The presenter could use some positive publicity and that is why her colleagues at Shownieuws immediately threw out a slime shower half an hour after the start of the episode.

Shownieuws came up with the article based on a few tweets: ‘Viewers Miljoenenjacht fully compliment Linda de Mol’. And Tooske Ragas had to draw extra attention to this on TV in the evening: “Linda de Mol is overwhelmed with compliments after the broadcast of Miljoenenjacht. Curious why? Surf to!”

Voice black

What is that Shownieuws article about? About Linda’s black dress. The show section quotes six viewers who have said something about it. “Linda looks beautiful in this black dress!” says Romy, for example. And Darth: “This color looks good on her.”

Yes, in this day and age, moody black does indeed look very good on Linda. Shownieuws’ attempt at some positive buzz to create around Linda is of course very transparent. Recently, sister program Hart van Nederland was also used, then to cover up the low viewing figures of Avastars. “That was once journalism, right?” sneered an AD journalist.


Veronica Superguide, which is not affiliated with Talpa, draws a completely different conclusion based on yesterday’s tweets about the Miljoenenjacht. ‘Viewers angry about ‘unworldly’ remark Linda de Mol in Miljoenenjacht’, headlines the magazine.

After all, as many tweets as there are about Linda’s black dress, there are also about the ‘haughty’ remark Linda made to semi-finalist Lisette. When she points out that her bonus kids are 20 and 22, the TV millionaire naturally remarks, “Okay, so they’ve already left home?”


Linda has spoiled her own children Noa and Julian with their own million-dollar buildings in Amsterdam, but for most children aged 20 and 22 there will of course be no place of their own in 2023.

Entrepreneur Jerry Helmers tweets annoyed: “The haughty Gooische ignorance at Miljoenenjacht. Candidate says to Linda de Mol: ‘I have two bonus children aged 20 and 22.’ Answer from De Mol: ‘Oh, but they must have already left the house, right?’ OMG, leaving home at 22 in 2023? ?? #housing emergency.”

Incidentally, Linda has the last recordings of Miljoenenjacht tomorrow. There are still two episodes to go on television.


The angry tweet about Linda: