The library in Bloemendaal has been pelted with remains of fruit and raw eggs for several weeks. Since about mid-November, the windows have been daubed with food up to twice a week and this week employees even found a gnawed apple in the mailbox. “We have no idea why anyone is doing this and we hope it stops soon.”

    When employees first found the library pelted with leftover food, it was thought to be an occasional prank call. But in the weeks that followed, the building and the artwork – a castle made of stray plastic that stands outside the door – were smeared more often with tomatoes, fruit and eggs.

    “Because it happens so regularly, you would almost think that it is a targeted action,” a spokesman for the library told NH Nieuws. “But we cannot think of a reason for these actions. If someone wanted to achieve something with it, you would at least expect that person to say why they do such a thing. We are still in the dark.”

    Hope it doesn’t happen again

    The most recent pelting of the building was last Friday. “It is now becoming very annoying. Especially for the employees who always have to find the building like this,” the spokesperson continues.

    The pelted parts of the library are being cleaned and a report is made to the municipality, in the hope that the perpetrators will be caught. “Of course we hope that it will not happen again and if it does, it will be ready for us too. But of course we are very curious who is behind it and why they are doing this.”