The library in Meppel is celebrating its 100th anniversary. That’s why a special exhibition with stuff from the past will open tomorrow. And that’s not all on the agenda.

    This afternoon it is already very busy in the library. Display cases have been placed and they are carefully filled, because some books and papers are brittle. The collection that can be seen from tomorrow has been compiled in collaboration with the Oud Meppel Foundation. In their archive there was still much to be found about the history of the library and all its former locations.

    “The showcases are filled with all kinds of objects from 100 years of history,” says employee Lianne Wolbink proudly. “We have statutes and minutes. We also have a beautiful photo presentation that gives a good picture of the past 100 years, with articles from newspapers and magazines that give a good picture of the era.”

    It is still a place where you can borrow books, but the library has evolved considerably. “For example, we have been given a digital department so that you can now also borrow books for your e-reader,” continues Wolbink.

    But the biggest change happened outside the walls. “The library has acquired a greater social importance and function. We now also provide information in schools and have an educational branch. Digital inclusion, for example, is an important part of what we do now. We are really socially involved.”

    The exhibition is just the beginning, there are more festive moments on the agenda. “From tomorrow it will go wild, but we also have many fun activities in November. We get a nice lecture. The ‘Theatre of the dream’ is coming to us and we are going to play laser tag.”

    Laser tag in the library, isn’t that intense? “No, that’s really nice!”, Wolbink laughs. “This place is perfect for it. It will get dark outside early and we will hang smoke machines inside. This is a good place.”

    The library is also up to date during the anniversary party. “I hope so!” Wolbink concludes.