These are just examples of real court hearings such as those that took place centuries ago in Drenthe. People who had a conflict with each other could have it assessed by the Etstoel. The members of the Etstoel were the drost (now the King’s Commissioner) of Drenthe and 24 ‘etten’, mainly men from the six dingpins (a kind of jurisdiction) that Drenthe knew at the time.

    “We have been holding an Etstoel every year since the 1980s, which were not held for two years due to corona, but I am very happy that we are back,” says chairman Henk Doeven of the Etstoel Anloo foundation. “We agreed this spring that we wanted to keep an Et chair again, even if that had to be one and a half meters.”

    Check out how the Etstoel sitting in Anloo went this year: