Lenny Kuhr, one of the five Dutch participants who ever won the Eurovision Song Contest, is angry that she has been cut from the TV registration of Het Grote Songfestivalfeest. She announced this on Twitter.

    During Het Grote Eurovisionfeest, which took place in the Ziggo Dome in mid-November and was broadcast on NPO 3 on Wednesday evening, dozens of acts performed that were once seen at the Eurovision Song Contest. Kuhr (72) was also present and sang the song De Troubadour, with which the Eindhoven artist won the top prize at the song festival in 1969.

    “In the Ziggo, the roof went off at the troubadour, but I could not be found in tonight’s broadcast,” Kuhr writes on Twitter on Wednesday evening. “Edited without notice. Disrespectful.”

    The line-up of the broadcast still talks about ‘fifteen winners’ of the Eurovision song contest that would be shown. In the promotion of the concert, Kuhr was named as one of these fifteen winners.

    She gets a lot of support on Twitter. The singer has now been in contact with AVROTROS, who provided the broadcast. The broadcaster informed her that producer PilotStudio is responsible for the final editing. This producer failed to inform performers that they have been removed from the broadcast.

    Thursday morning AVROTROS will come out with a different reaction. “AVROTROS had to make choices when registering Het Grote Eurovisionfeest 2022, which was shown on television on Wednesday. This year, it was decided, among other things, to cancel the performance of Eurovision winner Lenny Kuhr,” a spokesman for the broadcaster responded.

    “We find it annoying for Lenny that she was not aware of this in advance,” AVROTROS said. “The choice to delete Kuhr was partly prompted by the fact that the singer could already be seen in the registration of the concert in recent years. Variety in the recordings is important. And no artist is promised in advance that he or she will be on television. will be seen,” the spokesperson said.